SugarCRM is Doubling Down on the “R” in CRM

SugarCRM is Doubling Down on the “R” in CRMLast month, the Sugar community gathered in San Francisco for our annual SugarCon conference. It was a fantastic week. Not only did we celebrate all the “customer experience heroes” in attendance, we also in revealed a glimpse into SugarCRM’s vision for the future.

When we think of “heroic moments” in the customer experience – it is usually about someone going above and beyond the call of duty to insure the customer gets what they need, or sees their problem resolved swiftly. But, CRM should be about reducing the need for “heroism” by providing more insights and tools to make your customer-facing employees more effective every time they engage.

That is why SugarCRM is doubling down on the “R” in CRM.

Think about it – the most important aspect of your business is the relationship you have with your customers. We live in the age of the subscription economy: repeat business and customer loyalty is the new holy grail in the business world. The good news is that we have more data and better technology platforms to push insights to every employee, when they need it most.

The most visible result of this focus on the customer relationship is of course SugarCRM Hint – our flagship relationship intelligence product. At SugarCon, we revealed the future of Hint and the great things our users will be able to do with the service going forward – that presentation is here in our community. 

But Hint is just the beginning. By releasing our new Sugar Mobile SDK, we are allowing customers and partners to develop more purpose-built solutions that enable sellers and support staff out in the field with more insights and tools to be more effective every time they engage.

Our SugarCon Mobile SDK deep dive can be found here.

By combining our new Relationship Intelligence product line, innovative mobile solutions via our SDK, and our core Relationship Management platform – Sugar users can focus more on what matters – the customer relationships that are the heart of their businesses.

Want to learn more about where we’re going with all our offerings, and learn from other successful Sugar deployments? All of the SugarCon presentations are now available HERE.

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