SugarConnected 2022: A Year of Growth

SugarConnected 2022: A Year of Growth

Yes, it’s that time of the year! The 2022 customer event—SugarConnected, took place with worldwide sessions: starting with EMEA on May 23, APAC on May 26, and ending with the Americas on June 2.

The last two years have been challenging. Businesses around the world are faced with supply chain gaps and a higher customer resignation rate. Our virtual event allowed us to connect with customers in a meaningful way to uncover the latest Sugar innovations, glean inspiration from fellow users, and formulate an equation for success with Sugar to address those challenges.

If we narrowed down SugarConnected 2022 to a single word, that word would be growth. Growth is a business priority for our customers and us, so at Sugar, we strive to become your growth engine. Let’s see how we have managed it!

Craig Charlton, SugarCRM CEO with Rich Green, CTO, Zac Sprackett, CPO, and Jason Rushforth, SVP & GM, Americas

Year of Innovations You Need and Asked for

It’s been a massive year in terms of Product portfolio—we’ve brought powerful artificial intelligence capabilities into our marketing, sales, and service solutions. We’ve streamlined customer interactions making it easier to sell to, and support customers, acknowledging that omnichannel communication has gone mainstream. With sentiment analysis, we help you get ahead of the curve and identify your customer satisfaction.

In response to your feedback, we’ve introduced real-time calendar syncing and created a new Timeline Dashlet with time-based information from Sugar Sell and Sugar Market. We’ve made many UX improvements and introduced dark mode.

We’ve launched the new Sugar Sell Editions and significantly simplified our Sales Automation portfolio to help you get more for less. Choosing the CRM tool that fits your business needs will be straightforward as you’ll better understand what you’re getting out of each product.

To reach further and help you extend the use of your Sugar platform application, we launched the new Sugar Outfitters marketplace. It’s a fantastic resource with over 200 solutions, bringing together a complete ecosystem of partners, resellers, and independent software vendors, whether integrations or plugins extensions.

We are simplifying our Sugar Sell CRM portofolio with the new Sugar Sell Editions

Helping You Succeed

Customer success is a major area of investment for Sugar as we want to make sure you get the best returns on what you need to drive your business forward. SugarClub is the go-to destination for customers, offering so much to learn in many ways and giving you the possibility to improve in terms of the value you get out of Sugar products.

We have put together a full range of educational, self-guided, always-on resources at your fingertips, including podcasts, SugarU, eLearning, CX assessments, and quick videos. You can also enroll in our live classes to improve your skills or drive a certification program within your organization.

Our GROW Adoption Framework equips you with the tools and know-how to accelerate your overall adoption. The four stages of our framework include:

  • Get Started: Set a vision and lay the foundation for your new project.
  • Reinforce: Check what people are doing and if things go the way you anticipated.
  • Optimize: because technology might change, new people join your team, and processes evolve. You should revisit your adoption practices to ensure you’re getting the outcome you’re expecting.
  • Wow: You did it! Share your success, but stay focused and proactive to make sure you keep growing.

Reach Further and Celebrate Success

SugarConnected is going on tour in September 2022, and we’ll have four events spread across the globe in each of our chosen geographies: Chicago, Sydney, London, and Munich. It’s time to finally get together and forge our relationship, enabling you to talk face to face with Sugar experts and meet fellow customers.

We love to celebrate success along the way, so we found a new way to celebrate our customers worldwide. In 2021, we hosted our inaugural Customer Breakthrough Awards to celebrate our breakthrough customers’ success and amplify those that go beyond the status quo to create customers for life. Eleven of our most innovative customers were selected winners, and we are excited to have the 2022 Customer Breakthrough Awards return this August.

We want to help SugarCRM customers grow and succeed together with us.

The Path Forward

It’s essential we think about how we approach the concept of growth, whether we are talking about growing your business, your employees’ efficiency, or your outlook.

Our rally cry, Let the platform do the work! is our call to achieve a higher standard for CRM and CX for the entire industry, making life easier for sales, marketing, and service teams. By removing blind spots, busywork, and roadblocks, you can focus on what you do best, attracting and retaining customers, which means delivering a high-definition customer experience (HD-CX) and generating customers for life.

We believe that a successful relationship is based on partnership, on the ability to join forces and look together in the same direction. We are here to make technology help drive success in your business.

Did you miss SugarConnected 2022? You still have a chance to watch it on-demand on SugarClub.

We also highly recommend checking these resources to support your company’s growth:

  • Propel Your Business Into Growth — Listen to our podcast to find out the right growth path for your company, tips and tricks for administrators, and how to achieve real results and keep the momentum going from seasoned executives and successful entrepreneurs.
  • The 2022 CRM Impact Report — Learn how successful businesses are in reducing churn when customer experiences don’t match expectations and how to transform customer churn into long-term customer retention.
  • Perspectives from Our Experts — Meet with Sugar’s leadership team members to discover new insights about customer experience and technology updates.
AJ Traver-Williams
AJ Traver-Williams An accomplished leader adept at developing and leading high-performing teams, specializing in Customer Marketing with a global perspective. Proven track record in steering digital experiences, events, communications, customer stories, advocacy, review management, account-based marketing, direct mail, and demand generation to drive additional revenue and fortify customer retention. Recognized as a subject matter expert in Customer Marketing, proficient in managing the customer experience across all touchpoints to positively impact Customer Experience (CX).

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