SugarCon 2017 is a Participation Sport

SugarCon 2017 is a Participation Sport

The time spent at business conferences can be divided into two categories:

  • The time you spend doing stuff: learning something you didn’t know, bonding with your peers, colleagues and business contacts, the after parties, and just maybe executing that final meeting to close a big deal. This is the exciting part.
  • The second category of conference time is when you are sitting there and watching. Watching executives in suits, watching long powerpoint presentations…watching your phone because you are starting to get bored.

Many conferences force too much of category number two on you. However, at SugarCon 2017 we are making the conference a participation sport. We want you to attend and tell us your story. Highlight yourself, your team and your company.

Leveraging CRM to deliver a great customer and employee experience can take a lot of hard work. You might even say…heroics. SugarCon is your chance to celebrate with other heroes just like you. More than 1600 heroes (and counting) to be exact. Everyone will bring a story of business transformation, best practices and lessons learned. To facilitate the best possible collaboration experience, every session will feature stories from the audience, every workshop will include best practices and every keynote will discuss acts of heroism.

Come join us to share, learn and celebrate the hero in everyone one of us. Register Today