5 Can’t Miss SugarClub Posts from June 2022

SugarClub brought you great content this June 2022! Stay tuned with new topics, engage with fellow users, find new ways to make the most of your Sugar experience, and see how easy it is to let the platform do the work.

We don’t want you to miss out on any of the SugarClub great content, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite June 2022 posts:

  1. Lead Prediction in Sugar Sell using SugarPredict: This quick video shows how AI gives you predictive insight into your lead data. You’ll get to know how likely a lead is to convert, so your sales team focuses their efforts on the most fruitful leads.
  2. SugarOutfitters sets the place with new Add-Ons and features: We have a full breadth of solutions that can extend Sugar’s capabilities in new and exciting ways, and they are growing fast—with new add-ons every week and every month. Now you can find them faster with the newly added typehead support to all the search boxes across SugarOutfitters.
  3. Customer spotlight: 2021 Top Marketing Campaign of the Year Winner Funds2Orgs. Discover the story of the US largest shoe drive fundraising company, winner of the Breakthrough Award for best creative, successful, and integrated campaign using Sugar Market. They started by working with spreadsheets and turned to Market and Sell to simplify workflows and focus on relationship building to increase the frequency of donations.
  4. Best practices in data cleansing when you have a large CRM. Learn how to best manage large data sets in your CRM to ensure you leverage it effectively, make better business decisions and keep delivering HD-CX.
  5. In case you missed our two Sugar Developer Webinars for the upcoming Q3 2022 release, you can find the recording and slides in the Event Recaps section. Discover key takeaways and how the new update impacts Sugar developers.

It’s a Wrap!

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