The Scoop: Breaking Down Silos and Mobile Optimization

The Scoop: Breaking Down Silos and Mobile Optimization

Our quarterly release is a satisfying moment at SugarCRM; not only are we are thrilled to show you the hard work our team accomplished over the quarter but it’s a step further to continue delivering both innovation and our promise of a lifetime commitment to customers. Let’s unpack what this release holds for Sugar customers and the platform.

We continually talk about how organizations need to dismantle the silos within their organizations—especially between sales and marketing. With this release, we are optimizing the relationship between sales and marketing by streamlining the lead to opportunity process. We’ve increased the synchronization between Sugar Market and Sugar Sell to marketing teams can tailor the necessary information that feeds from Market to Sell and allowing sales to focus on the information they need the most. Not only does this eliminate the noise that can interrupt the sales processes, but it also increases the communication between sales and marketing dismantling silos further. Market users can also now create dynamic email marketing lists from information within Sell to find the right contacts, without needing to create it in their Market instance. This increased synchronization highlights the true benefit of the Sugar CX platform to streamline business processes internally.

Sugar Serve also increases productivity with enhancements to SugarLive, the omnichannel customer service capabilities get a boost in usability with the ability to customize dashlets allowing administrators to choose what agents see allowing for a streamlined process that boosts productivity. Additionally, we’ve expanded the capability of Serve email templates allowing for more engaging and polished emails to be sent from customer service agents.

With the way that the world transitioned over the past year, we also took care to further enhance Sugar Mobile for a better experience. By expanding on the attachment feature that we previously introduced, users can now attach multiple items straight from their device. And to increase productivity while mobile, the Sugar Knowledge Base is now available within Sugar Mobile to help users wherever they are.

There’s more to this release including a few hidden gems that Rich Green and Zac Sprackett are really excited about. Check out the video above to learn what else is unleashed within this Sugar release and a special hint dropped by Clare Dorrian on an upcoming treat just for Sugar Scoop viewers.


Tegan Silanskas
Tegan Silanskas A marketing professional with a love for the written word, Tegan has over 15 years of writing and marketing experience having previously worked for SugarCRM as a content marketing manager in strategy and social media. Thriving on strategy, leadership, and the why behind marketing, she loves uncovering new trends and trying to understand challenging concepts through research and ideation. When not working, Tegan can be found behind her Nikon or attending the latest hard rock concert.

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