How Sugar Enables Community Services in their Mission

How Sugar Enables Community Services in their Mission

Community service is one of the best ways to show empathy and real support and give back to your community. It can touch your close community, or it can go further and make an impact on thousands of lives. But community services are so different and have very unique business models, making it hard to find a generic solution to automate processes and remove busy work.

Community services create a strong sense of connection and support among its members. They need strategies that encourage people to engage and build long-term relationships. Usually, the biggest challenge for community services operators is the lack of funds to sustain their projects.

Increased Flexibility Equals Easy Growing

Such an organization is Funds2Orgs—a social enterprise that facilitates different groups (like churches and civic organizations) and people to raise funds by collecting new, used, and gently worn shoes to supply micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. By repurposing shoes for their partners located in 26 countries worldwide, Funds2Orgs also contributes to climate and sustainability global efforts.

When you are a company that makes a mission to bridge the gap between the non-profits seeking funds and the small entrepreneurs trying to sell the shoes to support their families financially, you need a robust tool to help you track and manage these multiple partner relationships.

Increased CRM Flexibility Equals Easy Growing

When your responsibilities require your attention in multiple places, and you have employees working from different offices and collaborating with external partners, it’s essential to keep all these moving parts together in one place. Having all the data in one central platform gives your company visibility to help partners focus their efforts. And at the same time, you need a flexible tool to support the unique sales processes this business calls for.

A sales automation platform, like Sugar Sell or Enterprise, enables you to create modules where you can track and update daily activities and which can easily hook into other workflows. Sales activity is measured further than the daily call number or conversations. A successful sales activity is when you can coach your partners, so they earn the funding they need. With the right tool, you have the flexibility to create automated sales processes that will free up time for your sales team to focus on what matters most.

Gathering Data Points to Personalize Customer Experience

Modern technology enables you to access thousands of data points and collect them in a central location. You may have different data sources from your website, associated partners’ websites, and social media data, all feeding into your CRM instance. By conducting reports and data analysis, you’ll know your audience better and understand what they need and where to go next.

Gathering Data Points with CRM to Personalize Customer Experience

With a marketing automation tool like Sugar Market, you can generate leads to identify new fundraising partners that automatically funnel into monthly drip and nurture campaigns and immediately begin building relationships. Market easily integrates with your CRM to ensure a seamless transition from marketing to sales and give your sales team access to more qualified leads. They know where leads are coming from and who is converting. Your salespeople have more time to call new partners and directly identify their main fundraising goals.

You can regularly track your teams’ progress and allocate resources where they’re needed most so you can deliver optimal experiences whether prospects want to engage via email, call, or text.

Closing Thoughts

Success is now driven mainly by your customers’ or partners’ feedback and participation. You can give your partners and customers a voice in the direction of your brand if you make them feel like part of your team.

Sugar can help achieve your goals because it aligns with your strategy effortlessly and creates high-definition customer experiences (HD-CX) that get at the heart of your partners’ mission and fundraising goals.

If you want to learn more about how Sugar can fuel your growth and help you accomplish your mission, watch our demo today.


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