Sugar 7.9 Is Here!

Sugar 7.9 Is Here!

With the latest release of our CRM product, Sugar 7.9 brings many exciting updates to our award-winning application. Most notable is a brand new Quotes system, redesigned from the ground up. With a new user interface built in the Sugar Sidecar framework, and new features such as improvements to grouping, drag and drop reordering and enhancements to multi-currency support, creating sales quotes is simple and powerful.

The Quotes module also now supports Sugar Logic, a core Sugar business process technology, making it easier to create business logic configurations that are upgradable and extremely powerful in their ability to meet business needs of all complexities.

Sugar 7.9 Is Here!

We also delivered on phase one of our Reporting remake with a new List View based on Sugar Sidecar that gives users the benefits of enhanced list filters, and the introduction of the Sugar Intelligence panel. You will also find other new Report capabilities to better organize reports such as the ability to tag reports and a new report description field.

We’re always looking for new ways to make our application faster and more secure.  Sugar 7.9 brings significant security and performance improvements in the core platform in the forms of an enhanced data query framework and support for the latest and fastest version of PHP, PHP 7. The enhanced data layer now uses Prepared Statements to streamline data queries and better protect the application from security vulnerabilities.

PHP 7 (specifically PHP 7.1) is significantly faster than PHP 5.6 (our most recent supported version) and also decreases demand on web servers, making for a more cost effective hosting option. It is important to note that as of Sugar 7.9.0, PHP 5.6 is still the officially supported version with certification for PHP 7.1 coming in an update to 7.9, arriving shortly.

Additional features include:

  • Enhancements to Advanced Workflow – usability improvements empowering Sugar Admins with greater efficiency in designing processes and feature enhancements in new process triggers, additional text field operators, and variable user assignments.
  • Help Popup – a newly created Help Popup replacing the existing Help Dashboard, providing an elegant space saving, context sensitive, and easily accessible on-boarding solution.
  • Structured Search – Global Search with greater precision and accuracy across the entire data set using Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) for the most relevant results.
    • Library updates – a series of updates emphasizing the importance of Sugar’s continuous activities to deliver the most current, secure, and high-performance application for our customers, partners and developer community.
  • Removal of the D&B Connector – the D&B Connector has been removed and customers who use the connector will not be able to use any D&B related functionality. Please check with our Sugar Partner team for alternatives.

Sugar 7.9 supports upgrades from 7.8.x and is available for all deployment types including On-Demand and On-Prem. Sugar 7.9 is compatible and supported for new installations and upgrades for customers running on MySQL, DB2, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Sugar 7.9 has a breadth of exciting new additions and enhancements and we hope you share our enthusiasm for this new release and its impact on our customers.  





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