Strategic Forecasting: 5 New Features That Can Make Sugar Sell’s Forecasting Better

Strategic Forecasting: 5 New Features That Can Make Sugar Sell's Forecasting Better

Sometimes painful but absolutely necessary, sales forecasting is vital to any new fiscal year preparation. Data-driven, sales forecasting is a qualitative and quantitative analysis to predict future sales volumes. However, sales forecasting is sometimes subjected to optimistic projections. Salespeople are sometimes tempted to make projections based on their best hopes instead of accurate forecasting and benchmark numbers. 

What Is Strategic Forecasting?

Strategic forecasting uses historical data, benchmarks, and other accurate information to generate accurate predictions in terms of product/service demand and sales growth. The number one enemy of sales forecasting is optimistic forecasts. This puts unnecessary pressure on sales teams and lowers engagement and disappointment in the sales process when projections are not met. 

When dealing with strategic forecasts, it’s better to set realistic goals, meet them, or even exceed them instead of setting optimistic goals. But sometimes, sales teams find it challenging to develop strategic sales projections. Not all sales automation and analytics are created equal; sometimes, sales forecasts are inaccurate or completely amiss. Sales forecasting quality may vary depending on how advanced your tools and systems are. Sugar Sell makes sales forecasting a breeze with its improved prediction features. Powered by AI, Sugar Sell can predict future sales volumes despite the lack of complete CRM data. Its predictive analytics features tap into external data points to analyze aspects of sales not included in your sales data. Let’s see how Sugar Sell can help you enhance your strategic forecasting and what features will make your sales forecasting the key to improved accuracy.

5 New Features To Improve Sugar Sell’s Forecasting

Sugar Sell’s AI core can help your business drive better predictability and performance by analyzing customer data and compiling it to external data sources, for AI-driven predictions. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the top features that Sugar Sell has and will help your sales teams make accurate predictions.

Helps You Stay Informed of Your Team’s Efforts

Sugar Sell enables sales executives to closely monitor their teams’ efforts and evolution. Sugar Sell features complex dashboards and graphics, offering sales execs a glimpse into individual or team performance.

Intuitive Interface

Sugar Sell’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface make case management a breeze. You can quickly access customer opportunities, purchase history, and other details with just a few clicks from your main screen. By doing so, sales reps can ensure proper response times to customers and a complete view of customers and prospects, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

AI-Powered Resources

The SugarPredict AI engine integrated with Sugar Sell helps you drive business performance and predictability. Sugar Sell’s Ai engine applies deep learning models to data from multiple sources: your CRM, marketing automation lead activity, and external information sources. This way, Sugar Sell analyzes aspects your data doesn’t cover, bringing a new perspective, a complete one, into your reps’ daily interactions. 

Enhanced SFA Capabilities

Sugar Sell’s enhanced sales force automation features offer a plethora of benefits to your sales teams:

  • Real-time, holistic insights into your business.
  • Your teams can quickly access fast, automated, and predictable forecasting in an intuitive interface.
  • Centralized data allows you to seamlessly communicate across departments through its omnichannel communication features. 
  • Standardized sales methodologies and processes.
  • AI-powered resources enable employees to easily prioritize deals and close more deals faster.

Easily Customizable With Add-Ons and Third-Party Apps

Sugar’s add-on library makes it easy to customize your Sell with the features that make sense for your business. From document automation to mapping and email client integrations, Sugar Sell can meet particular needs your business and teams might have. 

Improve Your Strategic Forecasting Today

If you’re interested in learning more about Sugar Sell strategic forecasting capabilities and how it can help your organization drive growth, get in touch with us!

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