Sugar Sell Editions: The Ultimate Guide

Sugar Sell Editions: The Ultimate Guide

There’s a lot of innovation in the technology world and CRM market. With product innovation being a top priority for Sugar, we constantly improve our products based on our customers’ feedback.

Selecting a CRM is not a simple decision, considering the long lists of add-ons with overlapping values and not knowing which of them you need the most for your company’s success. To make it easier for you and offer a path to growth with a new selling and buying experience, we’ve launched  Sugar Sell Editions: Sell Premier, Sell Advanced, and Sell Essentials.

Sugar Sell Editions: Sell Premier, Sell Advanced, and Sell Essentials.

Why Is Sugar Sell Breaking Down into Editions?

Customers wish for a platform that could grow and scale while offering comprehensive capabilities as their needs change or the requirements of their own customers evolve.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you need to buy from a business perspective. With Sugar Sell Editions, we eliminate the complexity and make it easy for everyone. This isn’t a “good, better, best” model, but a solution to simplify your decision, no matter if you’re a global organization that runs highly complex processes or just getting started and need a robust CRM to help you meet your customers’ needs in a highly competitive environment. Breaking down into Editions is our commitment to:

1. Make Things Easy

We encourage you to customize Sugar solutions to fit your business model. If how you operate your business is what’s giving you a competitive advantage, we want you to continue doing so.

We made those customizations even easier to implement so that you can create, save time, reduce program costs, and accelerate the delivery of evolving company strategies. This comes from working with our no-code/low-code customization tools designed for the individuals’ specific tasks and skill sets.

Besides, we want to simplify buying and selling experiences and reduce the price list’s complexity while consolidating our growing portfolio.

2. Shift Our Mindset

We shift our mindset transitioning from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach. Our goal is to connect every stakeholder with the same data, easily accessible, and loaded with insights that help you meet your customers’ expectations.

We focus on solutions designed to meet business needs to make it possible. So, instead of talking about features and functions, we choose to show you how SugarCRM provides helpful solutions and delivers tangible business outcomes that matter, such as revenue growth, lead conversion, and time to close.

3. More Benefits for Our Customers

Sugar Sell Editions bring more benefits, as you can enjoy additional capabilities like guided selling and geo-mapping with one price and one simple contract.

We want all our existing customers to benefit from the new Sell experience. Hence, our SugarCloud Professional and Enterprise customers get a free conversion and uplift to the Sell Advanced Edition with many new value-add capabilities.

Let’s get a closer look at each edition and discover how your business can benefit from using them:

Sugar Sell Premier

What Does Sugar Sell Premier Include?

Sell Premier is our flagship solution and includes comprehensive SFA capabilities with built-in AI to automate and accelerate sales processes and shorten sales cycles by increasing velocity from offer to close. Premier is designed to assist with complex sales scenarios and global sales organizations.

Sell Premier includes comprehensive SFA capabilities with built-in AI to automate and accelerate sales processes and shorten sales cycles by increasing velocity from offer to close.

Should My Business Invest in Sugar Sell Premier?

Is your company struggling with highly manual work and misaligned departments, leading to siloed data? If your unreliable forecasting processes and limited visibility into organizational goals and current sales results prevent your company’s growth, then you are an ideal fit for Sell Premier.

Sell Premier responds to your company’s advanced CRM requirements, giving you real-time, holistic insights into your business with fast, automated, and predictable forecasting. You can communicate across departments with omnichannel internal communications. Its process management capabilities enable you to standardize a particular sales methodology, streamline processes, reduce guesswork, and increase data reliability within the CRM.

Sell Premier provides additional capabilities beyond Sell Advanced and Sell Essentials, including faster response times to support needs and twice the managed storage.

Sugar Sell Advanced

What Does Sugar Sell Advanced Include?

Sell Advanced is a robust CRM tool that provides enhanced Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities for your complex business requirements, helping you to prioritize leads and opportunities that are more likely to convert and close. Its intuitive user interface makes capturing and acting on customer data faster, increasing user adoption, accelerating their response to existing and future customer needs, and improving confidence in CRM data.

Sell Advanced is easily customizable and integrates with numerous third-party apps. It also comes standard with Mail & Calendar Integration to G-Mail and Outlook.

Sell Advanced is a robust CRM tool that provides enhanced Sales Force Automation (SFA) capabilities for your complex business requirements

Should My Business Invest in Sugar Sell Advanced?

Is your current solution costing you revenue because of inaccurate data or the tedious nature of entering and completing tasks? Do you have several business applications for marketing, services, and other departments and have at least one System Admin who manages your business apps? What if you can get it all in one place, respond faster, and get better insights into lead-conversion rates and which leads you should prioritize.

Sell Advanced gets you access to comprehensive reporting that provides a complete view of any business segment, enabling you to get powerful insights that drive your business forward.

Sugar Sell Essentials

What Does Sugar Sell Essentials Include?

Sell Essentials is the perfect sales solution for “serious starters” with small teams of up to five members. Essentials is an entry-level solution to get your foot in the door and access your growing potential. Sell Essentials has limited extensibility and does not integrate with other Sugar solutions, like Sugar Market and Sugar Serve.

Should My Business Invest in Sugar Sell Essentials?

Sell Essentials gives you the robust SFA tools to manage your business. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets or documents used to capture customer information and invoices, which become outdated and get lost with employee turnover, often leading to multiple versions of the same report with minor to moderate changes.

When you’re ready to expand your team, Sugar provides you with an easy upgrade path to Sell Advanced or Sell Premier, where you can continue to accelerate your business growth.

Editions Breakdown

We have embedded all the capabilities you would expect from a leading sales solution in all three editions, including Essentials. We do not want to put any constraints on critical sales capabilities since the needs of smaller sales teams with high growth ambitions are not that much different from larger sales teams. Account and contact management, opportunity, pipeline management, reporting, and our mobile app are included in all three editions.

No Cloud? No Problem! Sugar Enterprise customers continue to enjoy no-compromise CRM with maximum control.

Still Unsure Which Sugar Sell Edition is Right for Your Business?

Sugar Sell Editions are a simpler and faster way to find the SFA solution you and your sales teams need. Each company is unique, with different salesforce sizes, sales volumes, and technical needs.

If you require assistance in comparing and deciding which edition is ideal for your current business needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Katie Moss
Katie Moss Katie is a results-driven product marketing leader with over twelve years of experience in making the hard things simple for B2B tech companies. She has successfully launched dozens of new products, sales enablement programs,cross-functional projects, and marketing campaigns across the globe. Katie leads product marketing for the Sugar Sell & Enterprise solutions.

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