Revolutionize Your Shipping Company with Live Tracking

Revolutionize Your Shipping Company with Live Tracking

One of the best things about shopping from a physical store is that you get your purchases right there. No need to wait for them to arrive, and no issues with being home to take the delivery.

But online stores typically offer more discounts, and you do have the luxury of browsing multiple stores without actually having to travel to multiple stores. Moreover, you can do this browsing on your own time as you see fit.

The rise of online commerce has given way to a new industry: the shipping and courier industry. New might be a misnomer, but it has definitely revolutionized it as well as made things cheaper and more accessible. The number of companies in this area has increased and so has the range of the services they provide. Because of that, shipping is not limited to big cities, and deliveries go to the last mile, no matter how remote.

There is still space in this industry – if you need unique ideas to make the experience of delivering a parcel better, then you should listen up.

Start with the Basics

The first thing you will need for an IT setup is a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM. While you may just be starting out, you should choose something that will be scalable, and SugarCRM is the perfect choice. A basic CRM is simply not enough since your employees will be out on the field delivering parcels. They cannot come into the office every day just to log in the parcels they delivered. This is why you also need a CRM mobile application as well.

Your mobile app should have all the features you enjoy in SugarCRM, like adding leads, managing customers and opportunities, but also mobile-specific features like push notifications, offline sync, and email support.

This leaves us with the unique selling point in the shipping industry: Live Tracking.

Imagine if you could track your delivery executives in real time, to know exactly when the parcel will reach a customer.

Pretty amazing, right?

Exploring the Tracking Feature

Customers want to know where their parcel is and how fast it is getting to them. The more information they have about this, the better they feel about shopping or using a parcel service.

You can integrate a live tracking feature in the SugarCRM mobile app so that you can track your employees while they are on the field. You can assign each employee certain parcels, and track those by tracking the employees.

Employees can check in and check out of each delivery location right from the CRM mobile application, making it easy for you to keep tabs on the parcels.

You can extend this by offering a precise ETA to your customers so they know exactly when their parcel will arrive.

Benefits of Live Tracking

You can go both ways: be a company that solely provides shipping solutions to individuals or join forces with online stores to provide them with shipping solutions.

If you go with online stores, your unique selling point will give you an edge over other shipping solutions that they can choose from.

Better Customer Service

Your live tracking feature can help online stores provide better customer service, thus retaining their customers and building a loyal customer base in the long run.

On the other hand, if you decide to operate as a streamlined shipping solutions company for individuals, then the real-time tracking can come in handy as you can offer this to your customers.

Better Parcel Tracking

If someone wants to send a parcel to a place that is remote, then you can track the parcel in-real time and update the tracking information for the sender to keep tabs on.

As the tracking happens directly in the SugarCRM mobile app, your employees will have an easy time checking off the parcels they deliver every day. They don’t have to do anything extra; they only need to use one app in the field to check for parcel details, customer details and update the deliveries they complete.

If they are making deliveries in an area that doesn’t get decent internet service, live tracking functions offline as well, with automatic sync when it is back online a stable internet connection.

The benefits of the SugarCRM mobile app are not simply limited to the fact that have your CRM in the pockets of your employees. After all, technology is only as good as what you make of it.

A Final Word

Shipping companies are not limited to taking a parcel from one place and delivering it to another. They play a significant part in the supply chain of stores and they are the face that customers actually see for a store that they cannot physically go to. It would not sound far-fetched to say that they are the sole reason why online stores even exist.

With breakthrough technology revolutionizing the industry, it is more than necessary to bring something special to the market. A CRM mobile app with real-time tracking might just be it!

Maulik Shah, AppJetty
Maulik Shah, AppJetty

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