New software, updates and features are helping SugarCRM stay ahead of the game

New software, updates and features are helping SugarCRM stay ahead of the game

As we continue to remain at the forefront of the CRM industry, we have recently made several major announcements regarding new technology, software and updates.

Perhaps the biggest news today is the announcement of the Sugar Fall 18 release.  This release includes future-focused features that lead the way in the key areas of collaboration, user experience and data insights.

The new release will provide greater flexibility for automated emails coming from pre-defined workflows.  This will enable users to reach an even wider and more selective set of recipients when key CRM data changes such as the status of a service case.  The release will also enable users to create email templates that include pertinent information like the case subject, number and resolution to better inform customers and users alike.

In addition, Sugar Fall 18 now enables users to configure quotes to truly suit their industry. The introduction of quotes configuration means that tasks like modifying the layout and content in quotes is easier than ever before, requiring only a few clicks to create highly attractive and relevant sales quotes for your business.

We’re also pleased to announce the availability of new chart types, which enables users to take control of fields and compare dates with just a few clicks.  These new charts can also be used on user dashboards, in reports, or as Dashlets inside the Sugar Intelligence Panel.

I encourage you to discover the new features for yourself HERE and please let us know what you think.

Finally, we’re excited to announce some of the new features users can expect in December from SugarCRM Hint – the flagship application of our Relationship Intelligence product line.

These new additions to Hint will deliver proactive and configurable customer alerts for signals and interesting moments, including funding, personnel changes, general company announcement​s and M&A activity.

The alerts will be available as browser notifications, email alerts, daily digests and Dashlets.

Following months of development and work, Hint and the Sugar Fall 18 innovation demonstrate how we’re making information more actionable to users like you, and we can’t wait to find out what you think of them.

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