Transforming Global Operations: Moeller Precision Tool’s Digital Transformation with SugarCRM

Transforming Global Operations: Moeller Precision Tool's Digital Transformation with SugarCRM

Established in 1949 on the outskirts of Detroit, Moeller Precision Tool has grown from a small family-owned business to a global powerhouse. With plans to expand to six manufacturing sites by 2024 and already spanning across 19 countries, Moeller serves a wide array of industries, from automotive to appliances, delivering top-notch tooling solutions and unparalleled customer service.

Since the beginning, Moeller’s mission has been simple, yet profound: Partner with customers to ensure satisfaction through quality products and service. Upholding their commitment to quality involves constant employee engagement and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

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    Overcoming Global Barriers 

    However, with growth came challenges, particularly in data management and operational efficiency. To maintain their trajectory, Moeller needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems while providing robust tracking and management capabilities. Furthermore, the solution needed to integrate with Moeller’s existing data system, website, and marketing efforts.

    After testing different internal and external methods to stay organized and evaluating multiple vendor options, SugarCRM’s Sugar Sell and Sugar Market stood out for their ability to meet these specific needs. What set SugarCRM apart was its unique ability to integrate with Epicor, a critical component for Moeller’s data synchronization needs.

    “Even the other big-name brand companies didn’t have the capabilities to integrate with Epicor,” notes Ryan Penny, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Moeller Precision Tool, “We wanted this integration so that we could have accurate, up-to-date information sourced from our Epicor data system and synced into our Sales and Marketing systems.”

    Harnessing Technology for Growth  

    With divisions in the US, Canada, and Mexico already onboard, Moeller is witnessing tangible progress in organizational efficiency and data visibility. The synergy between SugarCRM, Epicor, and sales-i is driving automation, reducing manual tasks, and optimizing customer engagement practices.

    Ryan highlights the advantage of having real-time data at their fingertips when communicating with customers worldwide.

    “When we communicate with our customers, we have that information there, which we can tap into through sales-I and Sugar. Having that live, up-to-date data and information really helps us out when we’re communicating with our customers, no matter what country they’re in.”

    – Ryan Penny, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Moeller Precision Tool

    However, enabling new users can be intimidating at first, especially when some teams have less experience with CRM systems. To make the process easier, Ryan recommended starting from the source and tapping into the experience of other users. “We engage with the webinars that are offered by Sugar,” he notes, “You can go to Sugar University, which has all the different tools and anything you might need to research. Whenever I have a question or problem, and I’m not emailing my customer service rep, I can just go right into Sugar University and check in there and find the answers. If I have a question on anything, chances are somebody else has already asked that question, and it’s in there somewhere.”

    Apart from the support and training received from Sugar and Sales-i, Ryan helps his teams get acquainted with the new platform by investing time in personal and group training, with practical examples that impact their daily activities. He said, “I always try to keep my calendar open to any kind of request they have. That way, I can help teach them all the different aspects behind Sugar and all the different things they can do.”

    Expanding Horizons: How SugarCRM Prepares Moeller for the Future 

    Growth is a complex affair, and getting the right service, tools, and information from your vendors is crucial. Moeller has found the right partners to support their journey in SugarCRM and sales-i. “Our partnership with Sugar and sales-i can be described as one of continuous improvement. With it being an important pillar in our company culture, we value a partnership that works directly with us to aid in the growth of our business,” notes Ryan.

    As Moeller continues to work towards becoming the globally preferred source for standard and special tooling components, SugarCRM’s scalable solutions are expected to be a cornerstone in supporting new market ventures. The platform’s adaptability is crucial for tackling new challenges and ensuring continuous improvement.

    “With the Sugar/Epicor/Sales-I solution, not only will we be able to improve on our business practices, but we will also be able to track these metrics and report on the progress.”

    – Ryan Penny, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Moeller Precision Tool

    Looking ahead, SugarCRM’s scalable solutions will support Moeller’s expansion into new markets, bolstering brand recognition and revenue growth. The integration of SugarCRM, Epicor, and sales-i enables Moeller to not only enhance business practices but also track and report on key metrics. Overall. Moeller’s digital transformation journey with SugarCRM exemplifies how innovative technology can propel a company towards its vision of excellence on a global scale.

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