Achieving Marketing, Sales, and Service Success

Achieving Marketing, Sales, and Service Success

Is your CRM working for you, or are you working for your CRM? If you chose the latter, we’re here to help.

We would like to show you how sales can have cross-selling opportunities and at-risk accounts in their crosshairs without any hassle, how marketing can have automatic lead scoring at campaign metrics at their fingertips, and how your support reps can focus on talking to customers instead of manually routing cases.

In our webinar, we discussed how the Sugar platform can do the work for marketing, sales, and service teams, and how to get a complete customer picture. If you would like to access the full webinar recording, click here.

Some of the key topics discussed between Morgan Sadowski, Senior Solutions Consultant at SugarCRM, Franklin De la Cruz, Senior Solution Consultant at SugarCRM, and Erik Tavenner, Mid-Market Team Lead at SugarCRM include:

  • Sugar Market lets you build a dedicated audience with automated nurture campaigns, AI-based prediction scoring, and more.
  • Sugar Sell lets you conduct business effectively with AI-assisted prioritization of leads, seamless Marketing Automation and CRM integration, automated workflows, and digital communication channels.
  • Sugar Serve lets you service customers with seamless handoff processes, omnichannel desktop support, automated case routing, and knowledge management.

If you would like to learn more about marketing, sales, and service success, we highly recommend these resources:

Sarah Friedlander Garcia
Sarah Friedlander Garcia As the Senior Director, Brand & Content Marketing at SugarCRM, Sarah manages a team of talented marketers focused on brand, content strategy, digital asset creation, corporate brand execution, social media, and internal communications. When not living and breathing marketing, Sarah enjoys traveling, baking, performance flute and piccolo and spending time with her family.

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