5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team Communication

5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team Communication

Team communication plays a crucial role in achieving business goals. As team members communicate through multiple channels and at different times, it becomes difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

But this isn’t a problem ever since the world was introduced to Slack, an app that allows real-time communication and collaboration among teams and people outside the team. Slack is one of the most popular business communication apps because it streamlines conversations, allows for multiple threads, and simply makes communicating with your team fun.

However, the best way to drive efficiency in your business and have seamless communication is through Slack integration with Sugar Sell. Both platforms, when used together, will help unlock your team’s potential, boost productivity, and manage tasks in a better way.

The process is made easy via Sugar Integrate, where a pre-built Sugar integration with Slack is readily available. This allows for faster and more efficient integrations. Through Sugar Integrate, this process of combining productivity with communication seamlessly comes together to provide increased contact, tracked conversations, and much more.

There’s so much that you can do with Slack and Sugar. Let’s dive in to learn more about how you can take your business to the next level by integrating Slack with your Sugar Sell instance.

5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team Communication

Seamless Communication Across Teams

With Slack, you can remove the bottlenecks in communication and give access to anyone involved in a project. Keep all stakeholders on the same page by integrating Sugar with Slack so your team can easily communicate and provide them access to all relevant information from Sugar such as contact details and project status. This will speed up your business processes and drive efficiency.


Enhanced Productivity5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team Communication

Slack integration with Sugar allows users to easily search and preview their Sugar Custom Modules and records from Slack. By leveraging Slack and Sugar integration, you can keep all your team members on track. For example, if you want to keep anyone in the loop during a Slack conversation, simply tag them and they will have all the relevant information through CRM integration. Additionally, Slack users can also pull data out of their CRM to stay updated and get visibility into all the Sugar records through Slack. All in all, this will boost the productivity of your teams.


5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team CommunicationAutoSave Chats and Documents

Automatically save all your chats from Slack in Sugar for the appropriate contact to maintain a proper database. As a result, you track all of your conversations—add in Sugar Connect, and you have got yourself a comprehensive collection of contacts, emails, and chats. The chances of contacts, or information slipping through the cracks, are left negligible. Additionally, SugarCRM integration with Slack will automatically upload all documents shared on Slack in your CRM so you don’t have to separately maintain records.  This not only saves you time but also consolidates all your data.


5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team CommunicationBi-Directional Data Sync

Enjoy the bi-directional flow of information by Slack integration with Sugar to streamline communication among your team. Your employees can easily communicate and share documents from a single platform rather than switching platforms for different tasks. For example, if your sales team has to update the customer service team about something, they can easily reach out to them and share the information through Slack rather than logging into Sugar to find the relevant data and documents and then share it with the team.


5 Reasons to Integrate Slack and Sugar Sell to Streamline Team Communication

Better Reporting 

By integrating Sugar with Slack, your employees on Slack can also access data and relevant records on Sugar. With this, you can have robust CRM Reporting with greater transparency as users will be inclined to enter data and maintain records in Sugar so they can later pull up information when needed.


Ensure that your team is always in the know and gets timely updates on everything related to business with Sugar and Slack integration. With this, you will have seamless communication among your team and receive customized notifications from Slack, right in your CRM. This cuts the hassle of logging in different software so your team can focus on being productive and deliver great results.



This post was contributed by SugarCRM partner firm and vendor Rolustech with over a decade of work together in CRM customization and integration. For more information about this special partnership, reach out to speak with our team today by requesting a demo and meeting

Husain Nasir, Rolustech
Husain Nasir, Rolustech

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