Ignite your innovation mindset with David Rowan at SugarCon 2018


Ignite your innovation mindset with David Rowan at SugarCon 2018I think it’s fair to say things are spinning pretty fast with technology and people. And it’s getting harder to tell which one is going faster.

Technology is constantly changing what we want and shaping how we behave, both as customers and workers.


Innovation is still the thing

As customers we often can’t explain what we want until we’ve tasted a bit of it, and then we really want it…now! This is how tech-led disruptors are collapsing old business rules and taking out industry giants practically overnight.

Innovation is a dog-eared old word but it’s still what we desperately need to aim for right now. And just hiring a ‘head of innovation’ won’t work. We need to saturate our organizations with a creative and experimental mindset focussed keenly on what matters to customers. We need sparks; we need ideas. And we need to be able to act on them straight away.


If you know me you can influence my behavior…that’s scary

As individuals, technology allows us do just about anything from anywhere, but in exchange we expose ourselves. Who we are, where we go, what we do and with whom, what we want, what we use and buy, and even what the weather is like around us. By analysing our digital footprints it’s possible to see how we think and feel.

Magical blends of technology and behavioral economics are being used to persuade and influence people. Already, some consumer technologies are specifically designed to light up the brain’s reward and pleasure centers…just like addictive drugs.

This is all exciting but scary! What are businesses doing with this rich tapestry of personal information that can be utilized to shape our desires and modify our behaviors?

Whilst going all out in the race of technology-fueled disruption, brands need to use best practice and reassure customers that when it comes to data security and respect for personal space, they’ve got this one.


Let’s talk about distraction…right after I’ve checked Facebook

As workers our behaviors and expectations are increasingly tech-shaped (aah, Millennials!). And one of technology’s biggest impacts on our behavior is the “distraction effect.” We have individuals, organizations and systems sharing information with us all the time. Great! Now we can access more, experience more and get more done with the time we have. But it takes multitasking to a new level and sometimes – like when we’re driving – it really isn’t a good idea.

It can also be a problem at work. We need to strike a balance, utilizing technology to create a rich and connected workplace without ending up with a completely distracted workforce. We must design human-centered technology to guide behavior so that the workforce is delighted, empowered and productive…not distracted.


The challenge is the solution – hear it from David Rowan

How are businesses going to use the power of technology to innovate for customers and maintain a future-ready, happy and productive workforce?

One of the people always at the forefront of business technology is David Rowan. David is Editor-at-large for WIRED magazine and writes for some of the world’s best-known media. He’s a keen startup funder and frequently picks the brains of people inside tech brands that are changing the world – the Googles, Facebooks, Teslas and startups that will be taking our world by storm.

We’re excited that David will be one of our keynote speakers at SugarCon 2018! He’ll share his thoughts on shifting to an innovation mindset and preparing for a future of ever-accelerating change fuelled by technology.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at SugarCon and hearing what David has to say.

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