How to Craft a Perfect Survey for Maximum Response Rates

Surely by now, you’ve conducted many surveys using trial and error. Every time you send one anticipating a certain number of responses, more often than not you end up disappointed. The bitter truth? People don’t like filling them out. Even if they start a survey, most of them abandon it halfway if they find it long. After all, what’s in it for them?

But for you, their responses are crucial in achieving your sales targets. Asking the right questions in a survey can enhance solutions as well as your brand value, but to turn this scenario into a reality, increasing survey response rates is a must.

Let’s look at how you can do just that.

Maintain Transparency

There is nothing wrong with displaying the final outcome of your survey. We’d actually suggest doing so. This way, you provide an opportunity for customers to better know you and your brand in depth. This works best if you are planning to conduct a series of surveys to improve your services or product. Respondents would be happy to help you by filling out surveys knowing they are getting better products as a result.

If you are using Sugar, then you can directly send surveys from your CRM using the Sugar CRM survey module. Using this tool, you will be able to create interactive reports to better comprehend and utilize your data.

Include Incentives

Let’s be honest: incentives work. Everyone likes getting something in return for helping others out. Incentives are a great way to cross-sell or up-sell your products, too. Offer them a free membership, an extended product usage period, free access to your other products, or even financial rewards such as gift cards if your company policy permits and you are in a position to do so.

Respect their Privacy

A year ago, GDPR took effect, and it changed our perception of how we can collect customers’ data. Now more than ever, customers are concerned about their data and privacy. This is even more reason to use the SugarCRM survey tool, which offers GDPR-compliant survey forms. This way, users know their data is safe and can not be used anywhere without their consent.

Reduce their Hurdles

When conducting a series of surveys, it is important to use a data pipeline feature which is provided  in major SugarCRM survey modules. Using this feature, you will be providing users with pre-filled survey forms, reducing data entry on their part. For example, if your survey has five questions and two of them are their names and numbers that were provided in a previous survey, then you can send them pre-filled surveys. Less equals more!

Now more than ever, customers are concerned about their data and privacy. This is even more reason to use the SugarCRM survey tool, which offers GDPR-compliant survey forms.

Maintain Relevancy

Your responders don’t want to answer questions that are not relevant to them. A simple example might be when you pose a question for finance as well as IT in your survey. If the person identifies as finance, then the next question should be finance-related. You can apply skip logic which helps you set the chronological order of questions and assists in making your surveys more relevant and interactive.

Mobile First!

It’s widely known that people spend most of their consuming content via mobile devices As a result, your survey needs to be mobile responsive. It doesn’t have to be extensively graphical to be appealing to them, either—keep it simple and easy to use.


Surveys are meant to be simple. A good survey response rate is 85% (43 responses for every 50 surveys sent.) Keep the surveys short and on-point to up your response rate. And to really take your survey game to the next level, utilize Sugar CRM survey tools and plugins with features like data-piping, skip logic, etc. Good luck!

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