Have You Met Sugar’s 2019 Global Reseller of the Year? Here’s Your Chance!

“Allows us to build personal interactions and relationships.”

“The heart of our marketing department.”

“Very user-friendly and easy to navigate.”

“Has allowed us to develop amazing customizations and integrations and grow as a business.”

This is just a small sampling of the many observations members of the team at W-Systems have shared about the company’s long-standing relationship with SugarCRM.

“We’ve been a Sugar partner for 13 years, and you know we wouldn’t stick around that long if we didn’t love it,” explains Director of Marketing Sarah Friedlander Garcia. “We actually love SugarCRM so much, we wrote an entire blog post on the topic: 15 Reasons for 15 Years: Why W-Systems Loves Sugar.”

As an Elite Sugar Partner, W-Systems doesn’t just help customer-facing teams increase revenue and solve business problems. The firm was named Sugar’s 2019 Global Reseller of the Year. Over 100 specialists empower businesses to get as much as possible out of Sugar with advanced configurations, deep integrations and customized designs.

As we get ready to roll out the red carpet for customers at SugarConnection Boston today, we’re thrilled that W-Systems will be right alongside us.

We spoke with the team about the different ways W-Systems help companies cultivate customers for life, and about the decision to sponsor this year’s event. Take a look:

Why SugarConnection? 

Sponsoring SugarConnection will allow us to get our mission in front of more SugarCRM users. Our goal is to deliver sales and marketing solutions on a foundation of CRM to help customer-facing teams increase revenue and solve business problems. And by bringing attention to W-Systems, we can help more businesses like yours face these challenges head-on. 

What will attendees experience at your booth? 

W-Systems has built a library of Sugar add-ons. Some of them are even free for our customers! We would love it if you would stop by and see a live demo of how we can help you boost user adoption using our mapping, document automation, calendar and reporting add-ons for Sugar.

What’s one custom solution you’d love for them to ask about? 

We built a mobile app solution for Sugar called wMobile for SugarCRM. It allows Sugar users to create templated documents from their mobile device, access the Customer Journey Plug-In, and map to their destinations. 

How does W-Systems’ backend configurations help frontline employees? 

We use CRM as the foundational tool for solving sales and marketing challenges. While CRM is our sweet spot, we also specialize in marketing, document automation, business intelligence and communications tools. This allows us to create an integrated CRM solution for our customers that has wow-factor user adoption and a consistent one-login view of the customer across all departments, resulting in the best customer experience possible.

What else should Sugar users know about the W-Systems team?

W-Systems has an entire group of employees that are excluded from attending SugarConnection…but it’s not how it sounds. We’re talking about our pets! Our team loves their furry friends so much, we made a whole page dedicated to our employee’s pets. 

What are you most looking forward to at SugarConnection Boston? 

The connections, of course! We’ve been working with SugarCRM for the last 13 years, so we can’t wait to see our SugarCRM family—the Sugas, other partners and our customers. 

Eager to hear more? Be sure to stop by the W-Systems booth at SugarConnection Boston. You’ll be glad you did!

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