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Are you living your CRM dream? Current Sugar customers have increased close rates by 30% and enjoyed time savings of at least 45% on data entry. If your current CRM isn’t performing the way it should, we would like to show you a better way.

In this webinar with Rebecca Meyer, Sr. Director of IT at Kelly-Moore Paints, and AJ Traver, Director, Customer Marketing at SugarCRM we shared the story of a company who, after a decade-long partnership, asked the hard question: Is our CRM still meeting our needs?

Rebecca is the Sr. IT Director for Kelly-Moore Paints. This American-owned business grew from a single manufacturing facility in California to one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the US.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

What Led Kelly-Moore Paints to Switch CRMs?

As Rebecca oversees IT operations for Kelly-Moore Paints, she started to notice gaps in business processes, including their existing CRM. Her discovery opened the door for one question: Why do we have these gaps and how do we want to close them?

As they were in the process of redesigning their processes, Kelly-Moore realized that their CRM would no longer fit their business without a major do-over, custom code, and additional add-ons. They concluded that a new start, with a new CRM would be in order. After thorough market research, Kelly-Moore chose Sugar as their new CRM.

Why Did Kelly-Moore Paints Choose SugarCRM?

There were several reasons why Kelly-Moore went with Sugar as their CRM. Among the most important were:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Support services
  • A good ongoing partnership with Sugar
  • Sugar understood Kelly-Moore as an organization and met their specific business needs.

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