Everything You Should Know About Sugar Partner BrainSell—But Didn’t Think to Ask

Everything You Should Know About Sugar Partner BrainSell—But Didn’t Think to Ask

When talking to successful Sugar customers, there’s one question we love to ask: 

What advice do you have for other companies looking to enhance their customer experience technology?

The answer we hear most often? Work with an integration partner.

While Sugar is designed to be simple and easy to use out of the box, it can also be configured any way you want. With the right know-how, you can use modules and integrations to create a unique customer experience platform that meets your exact business needs.

That’s where Sugar partners like BrainSell come in. They help companies thrive by solving business challenges with expert guidance, consulting and technology services.

As a SugarConnection Boston sponsor, BrainSell is one of the partners all attendees should get to know. Even if you can’t attend the sold-out event, we want to make sure you still have an opportunity to “meet” this outstanding team.

And so, without further ado: Meet BrainSell—customer experience accomplice, Elite Partner and first up in our new SugarConnection partner Q&A series.

First, a little bit of BrainSell background.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about BrainSell, it’s not likely to be your last. The team’s solution architects and analysts have been guiding organizations across industries—health services, chemical engineering, financial services, food and beverage, hospitality, education, manufacturing, distribution and more—since 1994.

We’d go so far as to say that BrainSell’s guidance is the reason so many companies have robust technology stacks of CRM, marketing automation, customer service and other technologies. They have developed personalized growth strategies for countless companies, and even helped brands such as Tetley Harris increase their sales pipeline as much as 1,100% with Sugar.

We asked BrainSell about their longstanding relationships with customers and the decision to sponsor Sugar’s all-new customer event series. 

Here’s what they had to say:

What makes you excited about sponsoring SugarConnection? 

We’re excited to present ourselves to the Sugar community, and to support Sugar in their new initiations and companywide changes (which we’re also excited about).

How does your company help businesses master the customer experience? 

We do this with our consulting, software implementation and post-implementation support services. These services are focused around finessing people and processes before technology, so we can lay the groundwork for success and adoption. Our services such as Business Process Redesign, Data Strategy Consulting and Sales Enablement Consulting all help our clients improve the experience they provide their customers.

What do you love most about being a Sugar partner?

We love that we actually have a voice with this company. Sugar values our input. We love that we can call up c-suite executives or directors and speak with them when we have questions or concerns. This relationship ultimately helps our clients, since it allows us to advocate for them to the people who can make the most impact on the software products they use—the product-makers themselves.

What are you most looking forward to at SugarConnection Boston? 

We’re looking forward to meeting as many people as we can and listening to all the obstacles they face—as well as all the successes they’ve had. Each one of us is a real people-person at BrainSell.

Why should attendees stop by to meet you in person? 

To have an open dialogue about their challenges and business needs. We have hundreds of cumulative years of experience between all of us at BrainSell as consultants, business analysts, technologists, solutions architects and management experts. Anything attendees are struggling with, we can absorb and advise on.

What’s the #1 thing most people might not know about your company—but should? 

A lot of clients don’t realize we’re an end-to-end business. BrainSell doesn’t just deal with CRM; we deal with the whole universe of business technology including marketing automation, ERP, accounting, business intelligence, customer service and support solutions. 

But more important than our product portfolio is our mission to help clients really understand how their people and processes impact their businesses, and how these products will augment those priorities. We work to make sure clients have the right people and processes in place first via our service offerings, before we select the right technologies for them.

What else would you like attendees to know about BrainSell?

We have a strong culture of responsiveness. We really believe in responding quickly and frequently to clients, even if we don’t have any progress to report. No one will ever feel like they’re in the dark about what’s happening between them and BrainSell.

BrainSell is one of five select sponsors at SugarConnection Boston on September 25, 2019. If you’d like to learn more about the firm’s areas of expertise, be sure to check out their Sugar Partner page.

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