How Elmeq Optimizes Processes and Improves Customer Experience With SugarCRM

How Elmeq Optimizes Processes and Improves Customer Experience With SugarCRM

Process optimization and customer experience (CX) go hand in hand, although not many seem fully aware. Elmeq Motion, on the other hand, has seen the immense potential of articulated processes and the delivery of extraordinary experiences to its customers. Established in the mid-1980s, the company currently focuses on in-house expertise on high quality components and solutions for motion systems with DC motors. Elmeq also develops engineering, adaptation, and assembly services for mechatronic assemblies. The company soon secured a leading market position, offering products and services to various sectors, from pharmaceuticals, electromedicine, and robotics to transport, power grids, defense, and agriculture.

The Challenges of a Market Leader

As a market leader, Elmeq was faced with a series of challenges. One of the biggest of them being the need for innovation in order to optimize processes for their fast-growing market. With a portfolio of over 400 customers, understanding customer needs and contextualizing those to market dynamics was essential for the company to provide state-of-the-art products and services.

One solution the company found was to hire top experts and engineers to propose solutions based on standard and custom-specific products and implement their own production lines that can deliver both standard and custom-made products.

But the biggest challenge that Elmeq struggled to overcome was the long sales cycles. Given the complexity of the products developed and manufactured by the company, a regular sale cycle could take anywhere between 18 and 36 months, from development to mass production. Thus, the entire sales cycle and customer journey need close monitoring and immense team coordination efforts. Besides, the company also manages a wide range of partnership projects with companies in different verticals, which adds to the complexity of the company’s internal processes.

Running on just an ERP system to handle all customer data and information, the company was unable to assess how satisfied the customers were, as well as the overall company performance, despite the high costs of the ERP tool they deployed. The company needed to optimize its processes and overhaul its software stack to provide the level of CX they were aiming for.

The SugarCRM Solution

After being presented with the facts, the team at Sugar proposed Sugar Serve, a platform that enables you to streamline customer service and provide a differentiated, positive experience at every touch point. Our customer service solution was specifically developed for customer service representatives. Once implemented and adopted, Elmeq already saw a decrease in response time. Since Sugar Serve allows real-time access to information, both the technical and sales teams were able to better align with customer needs and concerns. At the same time, the company adopted Sugar Sell, our sales automation tool that automatically captures customer information and assigns lead scores based on their potential. Right now, thanks to Sugar Sell, all projects are monitored using dashboards to display information on their origin, potential and strategic value, as well as their current status and their progress over time. At a smaller scale, each project enjoys custom dashboards that best reflect each project’s customer journey steps and adds flexibility.

“With the SugarCRM platform, we have doubled our conversion rate from leads to projects, clearly detecting the needs of our customers”
Luis Díez, CEO and Managing Director of Elmeq S.L.

The Results

Operating with the customer at the center is one of the goals that Elmeq achieved after deploying Sugar. Now, the company offers customers direct access to their sales representatives’ calendars to schedule meetings and discussions, deploys self-service opportunities, and has tremendously improved customer experience.
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