Data and Time: Sugar Sell and Enhanced Forecasting

Real-Time Data plus No-Touch Technology Awaits


The evolution of CRM platforms never stops. As this business-critical platform has changed, the landscape of selling has evolved, as well as the plethora of information that we have. We’ve made great strides at SugarCRM to automate the collection of data into Sugar Sell, but the vast majority of CRMs require you to enter data manually. If you’re 100% honest, you know data entry is a snooze. But even once all this data is input into the system, it only provides a small snapshot of what information your system has to offer and a glimpse of the pipeline.  

Since customer experience (CX) is continually evolving, the solution must evolve alongside it.  Leadership and sales professionals require advanced, time-aware insight into revenue analytics to unlock the power of historical data and forecasting—utilizing your data like never before. We’ve discussed this issue on our webinar “Real-Time Data with No-Touch Tech” and if you missed it, we recommend taking a moment to understand what it means to embrace Sugar Sell and unlock the power of your data with Enhanced Forecasting.

Unlocking the Power of a Time-Aware CRM

Sugar Sell and Enhanced Forecasting are a powerful set of tools at your fingertips. They can unlock the power of time so you can see more than just a filling cabinet of record files but an entire picture that is demonstrative of all your data. Time is crucial in business, in fact, it’s a currency used to evaluate product viability, investments, and goal structuring. With something so critical to a business, why has it been missing for so long? 

Want to learn more about Enhanced Forecasting as a solution to your business and revenue analytics? We’re happy to walk you through how it can empower your organization and help you find opportunities and where you should go next. Things have changed, learn what it means to unlock revenue analytics with SugarCRM.


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