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Technology is getting faster, and easier to use.  As a result, everybody wants more from the companies that they do business with.  Your expectations of a world-class customer experience are rising with every iPhone release or new chatbot you encounter.  Whether you are the customer yourself, or the company working with the customer you want more from the technology sitting at the intersection of the customer and the company.  Not only must that tech be easy to use, but it needs to be a seamless and integral part of the whole customer experience (CX) with the company. 

Today, Sugar is grabbing the reins of this shift from CRM to CX and delivering an entirely new approach for our customers to build a superior experience for their end-users. We are accelerating our roadmap to deliver a full suite of customer experience solutions across the martech to salestech to servicetech spectrum.  As we help companies map their recurring customer journey through the “Discover”, “Research”, “Buy”, “Use” and “Learn more” phases, we are investing heavily in a fully integrated suite of CX applications built on a unified customer data platform.

New Sugar - From CRM to CX

Already this year, you have seen Sugar acquire Collabspot for no touch email integration, release Sugar 9 for faster sales and customer service collaboration and just this week, acquire Salesfusion for integrated marketing automation.  That’s a phenomenal suite of CX tools being put at your disposal in just 90 days.

And we have even more coming your way very soon.  From a complete update to the Sugar customer service tools this summer to more acquisitions, Sugar is accelerating our delivery of the modern CX suite. It’s a busy time at Sugar, and we are having a blast as we rocket into this era of customer experience management together. Stay tuned!

About the Contributor
Clint Oram
Clint Oram Clint helped found SugarCRM in 2004 with the goal of enabling companies around the world to turn their customers into loyal fans. Today, he leads strategy and acquisitions for the company. Clint was one of the original architects and developers of the Sugar application and has focused on building out the product, company, partners and community in a variety of executive roles. Prior to co-founding SugarCRM, Clint held senior roles in the development, professional services and product management organizations at Epiphany, Octane Software and Hewlett Packard. He has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry and over 15 years designing and building award-winning CRM software solutions. Clint holds a BS in computer science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is the co-author of multiple CRM software patents. Clint enjoys traveling and speaking at conferences on a variety of customer experience and entrepreneurship topics, and has visited SugarCRM customers and partners in over 25 countries.

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