ClubZone 2021: Celebrating Sugar Users

Catch Up on all the Action from Our First SugarCRM ClubZone User Conference

Were you able to join us at ClubZone 2021, our inaugural virtual user conference? MC’d by Jana Ferguson, our Director of Customer Enablement, the online interactive event saw the SugarCRM community come together to learn from and engage with one another.

Packed full of practical breakout sessions, it was (and still is) a great place to learn best practices, tips, and tricks, get inspired, and understand how Sugar and Sugar customers…use Sugar. In fact, 75% of the agenda was submitted by the audience!

The best part? The ClubZone sessions have been transformed into training courses available through SugarU and are available by track to playback right now. Whether you missed it the first time, want to rewatch a particularly inspiring session, or want to check out sessions in your track that aired for different regions, you can jump back into ClubZone whenever you want.

ClubZone 2021: Celebrating Sugar Users

“The first rule of SugarClub? Everyone is welcome at SugarClub!” – Jana Ferguson, Director of Customer Enablement, SugarCRM

We want everyone to be successful in their role using Sugar’s products. Busy is usually an understatement for marketing, sales, and service roles, and time is our most precious resource. For that reason, we’ve worked hard to make sure ClubZone and SugarClub are here to support you and your goals and make it fun along the way too.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the many highlights from ClubZone 2021:

Making Powerful CRM Solutions Work on a Daily Basis: The Dutch Police Success Story

In this session, Harmen Baas, CCO at BrixCRM, explained, based on practical examples, what you should pay particular attention to if you want to successfully implement CRM within your organization in an age of accelerated digitization and automation. Joining him was Dirk Weggeman, an Organisational Specialist within the Service Centre of the National Dutch Police, telling all about the digital transformation route they started and the key role of implementing BrixCRM’s solution.

Scoring Readiness: Lead Scoring and SugarPredict

This session looked at how to prepare for using Sugar Market’s scoring features, rule-based lead scoring, and predictive scoring powered by SugarPredict, Sugar’s AI engine. We learned more about the differences between the two features, items to consider before manually creating a lead scoring profile, and the prerequisites for predictive scoring eligibility in your account.

Sugars Using Sugar: GDPR Compliance and Email Subscription Best Practices

Allie Fischer, Marketing Operations Manager at Sugar, gave the audience a peek under the hood at how Sugar uses Sugar Market in GDPR-compliant lead generation while taking the next steps for a better user experience. This session focused on a walkthrough of the setup, logic, and nurture programs that have been developed for Sugar’s own GDPR/Double-Opt-In workflow and Email Preference Center.

How Cortech Developments Journey of CRM Transformation was Accelerated by Sugar Sell and a Move to the Cloud

Cortech Developments is a UK-based company delivering software integration solutions for smarter building, fire and security systems. The company embarked on a CRM transformation program that aimed to leverage cloud technology to push the business into the next level of performance to reach its business goals. Jason Blundell, Head of Sales & Marketing at Cortech Developments Ltd, and Hideki Hashimura, CMO / Lead CX & CRM Consultant at RedK, discussed how this leading brand led the transformation process and utilized Sugar’s technology to improve its customer processes.

ClubZone 2021: Celebrating Sugar Users

From a Good Idea to a Sugar Product

Have you built something on Sugar that is valuable? Or do you have an idea on how to solve a frequent problem that Sugar users face? The Sugar platform can be extended in countless ways to solve all sorts of issues that save you and your fellow users time and money. But how do you take an idea or even a complete solution you’ve implemented for yourself and share it with others? You need to know how to research, design, implement, and then go to market with a solution for SugarCloud and on-premises. Matt Marum,  Director of Product Management at Sugar, covered tips, best practices, and the required steps to become a successful technology (ISV) partner in the Sugar ecosystem.

ClubZone was created by SugarClub, our simple to use, one-stop-shop community for all things Sugar, including training, best practices, how-to’s, updates, and much more. A place where anyone can learn more about Sugar and how to make the most of our products and offerings. The best part of SugarClub is the collaboration between our worldwide users; you are what makes it an excellent place to hang out!

You can now rewatch and catch up on all the action by visiting SugarClub and accessing the all-new SugarU ClubZone sessions.

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