How to Build Email Campaigns in Sugar Market

We love to discover how the apps and tools in our arsenal do their magic, especially in terms of complex marketing automation processes, such as email nurture campaigns. As Sugar Market users, we would love to share some insights into the process of creating email nurture campaigns.

1. Build Your Emails with Sugar Market’s Email Builder

The first step to compelling, engaging, and lead-generating nurture campaigns is building your emails. Sugar Market Email Builder enables you to create professional-looking campaigns without the fuss.

Since Sugar Market’s Email Builder is block-based, you can easily drag and drop elements such as text, images, and buttons to personalize each email’s content. If you’re tech-savvy, the HTML editor allows you to make small tweaks to each Rich Text element. You also have the ability to create emails by pasting your HTML code in the builder.

Sugar Market Email Builder, email preview.

In the Global Styles section, you can customize your emails’ fonts, spacing, header, footer, and more.

Sugar Market Email Builder with the Global Section visible.

With lots of flexibility and personalization options, it won’t be long before your marketing team has a series of emails for your nurture campaign.

2. Smooth Nurture Campaigns with the Nurture Builder

You can create your automated campaigns by adding steps to the Flow Designer section of the Nurture Builder.

Sugar Market Nurture Builder with a view of the Flow Designer.

As you add emails to your campaign, you can create new emails using the drag and drop Builder, or copy your own code. You also have the ability to select existing email drafts from your Sugar Market instance, or previously sent emails.

Sugar Market Email Builder template selection.

If you want to tweak your existing emails and personalize them for a specific campaign, Sugar Market creates a copy of the emails, so you will still keep your original draft.

Set a frequency for your emails. In the Nurture Builder, you will find this as Pause. This will help you give your email campaign the right cadence.

Sugar Market Flow Designer pause.

3. Setting Campaign Conditions and Flow

You can also customize nurture campaigns by setting up conditions for each step in the nurture.

For example, Sugar Market offers the possibility to branch paths and set up different steps depending on the recipients’ in-email behavior. To manage this, right-click on an email after adding it to the nurture flow.

Sugar Market flow designer setting campaign conditions and flow.

Sugar Market lets you filter the recipients clicking on your emails with the Did Recipient Click a Particular Link in Email option and split the flow into two branches, for those who did and those who didn’t. You’ll be able to schedule notifications for contact owners with the Add Alert: Notify Contact Owner option if the recipient shows interest in your emails. If they don’t and don’t click your emails, Sugar Market offers you the option to send another email – promoting another product or service – to your contact if the previous one did not raise your recipient’s interest.

If you want to enrich nurture distribution lists on the go, you can also set up the campaign to add interested recipients to distribution lists. Under the Yes branch, set up a Pause and then select the Add to Distribution List option.

Sugar Market Flow Designer Add to Distribution List.

You can also set up your Sugar Market nurtures to update your leads or contacts once they reach certain steps to your CRM, such as Sugar, and open a task for the assigned sales representative. You can also create an opportunity in Sugar if you consider the completed step in your nurture determines whether the lead is ready to make a purchase.

Sugar Market Add to CRM option in the flow designer.

Keep adding different steps and personalizing your emails to keep your audience engaged. Branching your email nurture flow also allows your team to take the right action when recipients start to show purchase interest.

4. Tips and Tricks

  • If multi-email campaigns are not your company’s definition of effective marketing, you can send single emails with the help of the same Nurture Builder.
  • If you already use some sort of email marketing tool, migrating your campaigns to Sugar Market is a very straightforward process with the Drag and Drop and HTML copy options.
  • We are always here to help if things get complicated, so reach out to us!

Final Thoughts

As we’ve become Sugar Market experts over the past couple of years, we firmly believe that any company, regardless of industry or size, can benefit from Sugar Market’s flexible marketing automation features! And if you have any questions about adopting or migrating to Sugar Market, we are always here to answer them!

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