It’s More than an Acquisition, It’s the Future

What Sugar Acquiring Node Means for You

Complete, accurate, detailed—this is not how most companies would describe their customer view.  It’s why SugarCRM is focused on bringing you a time-aware CX platform that is designed to provide true insight into your customers and customer experience processes. It is because of this that we are pleased to publicly announce our acquisition of Node Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that delivers powerful business predictions with unparalleled accuracy using your internal CRM data and external company, people, and market data.

 The world is powered by information. Companies are acquiring more and more of it every day, the average company holding 162.9TB of data. Companies rely on customer data heavily, with a majority of the information sitting in their CRM system. The reality however is that 91% of that CRM data is incomplete and 18% of it is duplicated. The result? A total of 70% of the data goes bad every single year. Imagine what would happen if you could dramatically supplement the quality of customer data, enriching it with relevant information outside your organization, and then use AI to extrapolate insights you can act on. That’s what this acquisition means to you.

With the Node platform, Sugar provides a world-class, cloud-based, deep learning engine. This technology makes accurate predictions by analyzing data from the world’s only time-aware CX platform, capturing every change event within the customer journey, and augmenting this information via a rich repository of relevant information.  And it delivers those predictions as fully integrated features within our core applications, avoiding the time, cost, and technical expertise typically required by AI solutions.

Taken together, Sugar is democratizing access to AI, providing businesses with a high definition view of customers, one with crystal clear fidelity, to help marketing, sales, and service teams compete and win on customer experience—or high definition customer experience (HD-CX) as we call it.

It’s game-changing.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 50 customers or 10,000 within your CRM—these insights drive business performance and enable predictability for companies of all sizes. To take these abstractions down to the use case level, imagine having the ability to do these things:

  • Predicting customer churn before it happens to help you engage these customers and rebuild relationships
  • Predicting the likelihood of conversion of your lead scoring models
  • Insights and guidance to help employees by providing seamless recommendations for product add-ons to increase the deal size
  • Improvements in predictive case routing and contextual data for customer service professionals to knowledgeably support customers needing assistance

 But this is just the beginning. Sugar acquiring Node unlocks the full potential of your data with high-performance with predictability.

Through the power of AI predictability and enriched data insights that are embedded at your fingertips within your time-aware CX platform, we are providing you with an unprecedented advantage for your future. 

The future is Sugar. 

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About the Contributor
Craig Charlton
Craig Charlton As CEO, Craig Charlton leads all facets of the SugarCRM business, from setting our vision and strategic direction to making sure we’re executing in the best possible way on the ground every day. Craig has been building and running high-growth businesses for 25 years. Before joining SugarCRM he was CEO of Oildex – the financial automation software and services provider – where he drove growth and oversaw the company’s acquisition by Drillinginfo. Craig also served as CEO of Abila, the financial and CRM provider operating in the association, non-profit and government space. Abila, which was acquired by Community Brands, grew its revenues threefold and transformed its revenue base to a subscription-based (SaaS) model over a three-year period. Craig has also been senior vice president and general manager (Asia Pacific) for ERP provider Epicor Software Corporation, where he shaped the company’s regional strategy to deliver consistent revenue and profit growth.