Accelerate Sales and Boost CX with Sugar Sell’s Renewals Console

Accelerate Sales and Boost CX with Sugar Sell's Renewals Console

Subscription opportunities usually involve several calls, meetings, reminders, and time, but Sugar Sell’s Renewals Console can help your sales representatives follow through with all their renewal opportunities, contributing to higher levels of customer satisfaction and ROI.

Keep reading below to find out how the Renewals Console will help your sales reps to master the sales process, especially for subscription-based businesses.

Subscription-Based Business Management

Sugar Sell’s Renewals Console gives you all the information and features that you need to efficiently manage subscription renewal opportunities.

Sugar Sell's Renewals Console offers quick access to all information you need for contextual decisions.

The Console’s Accounts tab packs information about the customer, such as Account name and industry, a short description of the subscription, a starting date for the next subscription renewal, and more.

Clicking on any account opens multiple panels that offer access to more information about the contacts, opportunities, quotes for the account, the account’s active subscriptions, comments of the assigned sales representatives, and interaction history (Meetings, Emails, Calls, and Notes).

Four information packed panels will open as soon as you click on any of the account records in the console.

You will have access to all interactions between the account and your sales team.

All these panels enable your sales representatives to clearly understand their customer interactions and allow them to make informed decisions.

Quickly Add Duration-Based Products or Services to Quotes

The Products Catalog dashlet in the Quotes module features clickable renewable items that can be easily added to Quotes, facilitating the quote-creation process for subscription-based products or services. Next time when a customer renews their subscription, you can create a quote in just one click.

The products catalog offers you quick access to renewable items.

These items will automatically be added to your quotes.

The Product Catalog with clickable renewable items can also be used in the Opportunities module in Record View for enhanced interactions between sales agents and prospects.

Increase Upsell Opportunities and ROI

All companies base their sales strategy partially on upsell opportunities, and the Console’s Opportunities tab offers just the right tools to help them make informed decisions. Here, you’ll find listed opportunities, with a color-coded short description, depending on their stage in the renewal pipeline.

The Opportunities tab also offers plenty of information on your subscription-renewal opportunities.

Clicking on any opportunity will open similar dashlets to the ones that open when clicking on an Account record in the Console.

Automate the Renewals Process

Once a renewal is closed, the Renewals Console will automatically add a future deal to the renewal pipeline, so you always know the approximate revenue for each month and never miss a chance.

Increased Organizing Power of Your Sales Activity

The Console’s Overview tab features four dashboards that give your sales representatives enough information to make contextual decisions and calls.

Take a look at the Overview tab for more information.

The Planned Activities dashlet helps you get a glimpse over your current and upcoming meetings and calls, while the Pipeline dashlet offers an exact visual representation of your company’s renewal pipeline, broken down into different sales stages and prospected values for each sales stage.

You will see the current and upcoming planned activities as well as your top 10 revenue line items.

Take a quick look at your Active Tasks dashlet to better plan and organize your workday. The dashlet offers quick access to current or upcoming tasks, but it also lets you update your To-Do list on the fly.

On the Top 10 Sales Revenue Line Items dashlet, you have a visual representation of your ten most profitable potential deals for the chosen time interval (This Quarter, Next Quarter, This Year).

Wrapping It Up

Although revenue generation is your sales team’s primary duty, you can empower them to drive higher customer satisfaction levels. The subscription renewal process can be frustrating for the client unless effective automation and management systems are in place. Poor subscription renewal management can drive away clients from continuing their collaboration with your company. However, Sugar Sell’s Renewals Console intelligent dashlets, integration management tools, and automated processes will help you hit your company goals.

Need more insights into how you can use the Renewals Console for accelerated sales and better CX? Get in touch with us, and we’ll help!

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