SugarCRM’s 2021 Year in Review

What a year! 2021 was all about being able to see customers and deliver experiences like never before. Sugar challenged the hassles of traditional CRMs by unveiling high-definition customer experiences (HD-CX), a step beyond the traditional 360-degree customer view.

2021 is the year we let SugarCRM make the hard things easier for marketing, sales, and service teams. 2021 is the year we let the platform do the work.


Our CRM and Sales Impact Report revealed the blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks that lead to sales friction and contribute to customer churn. The lack of visibility into customer data has pushed many companies to the edge of a customer relationship crisis. Still, those who have closed the data gaps and improved the accuracy and completeness of their data stand to improve retention, increase revenue, and gain more predictable business outcomes.

In 2022, we will provide you with new findings and keep you up-to-date on market trends.

We Drove Innovation

2021 revealed the urgent need for a complete picture of each customer based not only on companies’ inside data—which might be incomplete for so many reasons—but also surfacing other competitive insights previously unknown to organizations.

With that in mind, we set out to let the data out of hiding without adding on more busy work for marketing, sales, or service teams.

This is why we launched the SugarPredict AI engine to make the hard things easier:

  • For Sales: To strengthen predictability across all your processes, with AI-powered insights that help sales reps focus on opportunities with the highest probability of conversion and the closest fit to ideal targets.
  • For Marketing: To reinvent lead scoring and prioritization based on actual engagement and its measured contribution to conversion.
  • For Service and Sales: To supercharge every sale and service interaction with the power of knowing each customer and prospect emotional state and intent.

AI-powered insights that help sales reps focus on opportunities with the highest probability

We Stayed Connected

We hosted this year’s SugarConnected virtually, with different sessions for the APAC, Americas and EMEA regions, and shared our new commitment to help you remove busy work, roadblocks, and blind spots from your day-to-day.

August 17th, 2021 marked the first anniversary of SugarClub, our online community where we collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about SugarCRM and our CX solutions, including Sugar Market, Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve. Since 2020, SugarClub has been your one-stop-shop for Sugar news, training, best practices, how-to’s, updates, and much more.

SugarClub, our online community where we collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about SugarCRM

We also inaugurated #RavingFans, a points and reward system that brings gamification and advocacy to life for our community, allowing you to earn points that can be redeemed in the SugarClub marketplace and earn badges that can be displayed on your profile.

We Celebrated Our Users

In 2021, we also hosted ClubZone, our inaugural virtual user conference that saw the SugarCRM community come together to learn and engage with one another. Packed full of practical breakout sessions, it was (and still is) a great place to learn best practices, tips and tricks, get inspired and understand how Sugar and Sugar customers…use Sugar. In fact, 75% of the agenda was submitted by the audience!

Our 2021 Customer Breakthrough Awards recognized the success of 11 customers who pushed the boundaries of SugarCRM’s platform for breakthrough customer experience (CX) and business growth.

Working with our partners, we helped companies ditch their high-maintenance CRMs across technology, homeware, industrial services, construction, financial services, event planning, and many other industries, and see real results when they let the SugarCRM platform do the work.

Closing Thoughts

2021 certainly had its learnings which made us more mindful of the importance of human experiences and connection. It encouraged us to find the best ways to stay close while keeping our distance, and the impact we can make alongside our customers by delivering high-definition customer experiences that inspire confidence and loyalty.

We hope you’ll take a well-deserved break during holidays, and recharge for next year. The SugarCRM team wishes you lots of health and happiness in 2022!

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