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In case you haven’t been paying close attention, the world is changing at an accelerating rate. The comforting norms of even the last five to ten years are being laid to rest, replaced by new paradigms of behavior, beliefs and expectations. And though world change is being affected on many fronts, the rapid acceleration of technology is one of the principal drivers in altering our collective social fabric.

One new class of expectations and behaviors is the increasing intermingling of work and life. Though not at odds with an older notion of work-life balance, technology is quickly overwriting this meme by breaking down the segmented time and focus that have historically separated ‘work’ and ‘life’. In reality all aspects of your life are now tied together, and can be interleaved at the discretion of the individual. It’s a phenomenon that can be characterized as ‘work like you live’.   

And, due to the accelerating capabilities of technology, people now have an increasing level of expectations for all aspects of their lives. Already, the use of instant services for transportation, travel, entertainment, dining and even social interaction have changed our assumptions of speed, relevance, value and experience. We don’t buy things, we join things and, whether it’s Netflix, Lyft or, we use them when we need to. Great leaps in technologies like mobile, internet search, big data, machine learning, AR/VR, quantum computing and many more are powering all these trends.

Sadly, the technology for the work environment requires that people, used to an amazing consumer and personal experiences, to drastically lower their expectations. We have asked people to forget their thumb-driven world when they get to work and take a step back in time. To be frank, enterprise software is decades behind life outside the boundaries of work.

At SugarCRM, we believe we should help people work like they live. And that’s why we’ve created the vision and our first service in our new line of Relationship Intelligence solutions. In fact, in the near future CRM will look something like this:


Let’s unpack this video a bit. What do we know about our protagonist, Marco Delgado? With little input, Sugar Relationship Intelligence provides his title, where he works, his education, family information and even his personal hobbies and interests. By automating the aggregation of large and diverse data sets, and using deep learning techniques, we can understand him at a deeply personal level. He scores high on openness and achievement and low on tradition. He’s a little light on his emotional range, but very curious and stable. Having this kind of information and knowing the personality of the person you are about to meet is incredibly valuable. This is SugarCRM Relationship Intelligence and a future step for our Hint service.



Marco’s world is not yet our world, and predicting the future is always fraught with surprises. But prefer to reuse a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.  And that’s what we’re doing here at SugarCRM.

Stay tuned.


42 thoughts on “Work Like You Live

  1. This is pretty awesome way to feature the future but also scary in terms of what companies can actually do with the data we post on social media

  2. I like the concept of Hint. My company is working on getting better at nurturing the B2B leads that are already in the system. It’s good to frontload SugarCRM with Leads, but make sure to contact them fast. Know your limits.

  3. Transforming data into knowledge has been the challenge for over 15 years using complex algorithm and data mining engine that complexity the user understanding of what he sees and what he can do with the results. Hint is what user needs. Simple to use, efficient and straight to the point. CRM really becomes a tool to help people do there job. The time of Data CRM just good for management are. over.

  4. There is still a big difference between getting data that makes you think you know someone, and actually getting to know them.
    The additional data is great, as long as it is an aid to establishing a relationship with the customer, not a replacement for it.

    We also need to make sure that there is a distinction between data and information, it’s easy to envision a world of data overload where information is easily lost.

  5. Remote work, home office, etc is a reality if you have the right tools in your hands. SugarCRM mobility + relationship intelligence + Hint could be a big step forward in that direction

  6. The way we work and live is changing rapidly. I’m proud to be part of a company looking to make the new reality of work/life balance benefit everyone.

  7. It does show a very interesting direction technology improvements are possibly going to be taking us.
    Looking forward to the ride. It will be fun for sure.

  8. HINT is going to change the way people look at CRM now. Relationship intelligence is the way forward.

  9. Inventing the future gives Sugar a lot of experience with the future already… Good stuff!

    1. Yes, it is available in Australia. Please sign up for a 30 day trial and let me know what you think. Thx, Rich (

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