Gartner Survey Reveals IT Decision Makers Agree with Sugar Vision

As a precursor to their annual Salesforce Automation (SFA) Magic Quadrant, several Gartner analysts ran a survey polling key decision makers at enterprises around the world about what they look for in an ideal SFA/CRM system. The results were published on Gartner’s site (note: subscription required) this week, and the results are not surprising.

Well, not surprising to us over here at SugarCRM. That is because the key areas that IT decision makers saw as important focus areas are the exact areas where we have built out the Sugar product and platform the most over the past few years.

So, according to the survey, what is most valued by IT leaders?

  • Intuitive Mobile Solutions
  • Mastery of Core Functionality
  • Ease of Integration

On the topic of mobility – I think we as an industry are finally coming to understand that mobile CRM does not mean “shrinking a CRM system down to a phone screen UI.” Rather, we are building more device and purpose-driven applications of CRM – and it is great that IT Decision makers also get this, meaning they are looking to optimize the real-life mobile usage scenarios customer-facing employees require every day. I am excited about the direction our mobile team is going, and we will have lots of cool announcements as 2016 unfolds.

When it comes to “core functionality” – we at SugarCRM have seen more and more companies select Sugar not by our “latest and greatest” or “edge functionality” but rather by Sugar providing absolutely mature and intuitive core SFA features on top of the most solid, extensible and scalable platform. In today’s world, IT leaders know they can develop and build features on a platform, but a solid and well-designed user experience must be there in order to start off on the right foot.

While Integration has certainly come a long way in the age of the cloud, we often forget than many of the large enterprises out there are still stifled by legacy applications. These products have older, proprietary back ends – making integration challenging. Sugar offers a wider range of integration options making it easier to integrate legacy enterprise applications with Sugar than with other CRM systems out there. And as integration becomes easier and easier, we are seeing even more innovative combinations of enterprise and Web data merged with Sugar data to create more highly informed users.

Again, these survey results are not surprising when you consider where we are at in terms of CRM trends. Large enterprises are moving away from legacy systems and the large giant incumbent software vendors, and midsize companies are entering the “strategic” phase of their CRM journeys. It all combines for what we see as an exciting era in CRM history, one that bodes very well for SugarCRM and our vision for the market.

1 thought on “Gartner Survey Reveals IT Decision Makers Agree with Sugar Vision

  1. Hi Martin, Great Blog.

    Your comments about mobile certainly will assist with using Sugar in a more scalable way on a mobile … the elephant in the room though has got to be why is no one speaking to their CRM? Why can’t my CRM speak to me?

    My vision and hopefully soon it will be Sugars is to speech enable your CRM. We are talking a fully fledged AI PA … Capable of extracting and inputting data into the CRM. But we are talking more than that … Emails with attachments, voice activated caller directories, conference rooms, alerts, reminders, meeting debriefs, calling up previous notes etc. All using speech.

    Your users are busy people. They all have mobiles … Let them speak to Sugar.

    Some benefits:

    It’s more engaging
    It will drive more customer engagement data so that information is captured more efficiently
    It’s addictive, it’s makes sugar sticky
    It creates one central data point for business information inclusive of contact details
    Better information in, creates more useful outputs, Senior business managers will be ecstatic with the results
    Lastly we all purchase CRM software to be more productive … The ROI on speech enablement is huge.

    A bit more about the platform itself. We are experienced, the platform in parts is already enabled and shipping globally. It is multilingual both in speech and text. It is currently going through it’s paces being enabled for IBM’s Watson as part of blue mix.

    If you would like to engage further my details are below.

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