The Facts About (part 1)

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” said Charles Caleb Colton in 1820.  So we’re delighted to see that is copying our Mobile, Social and Open messages to give some substance to their latest Cloudforce events.  It is nice to see that after we started promoting these capabilities more than a year ago, is following our lead.

So why is the 800 lb. gorilla in the CRM industry doing this?  Are they running out of creative positioning ideas?  Is there more to this than meets the eye?

We compete and win against everyday and from where I sit, it seems obvious that is concerned that SugarCRM’s flexible, intuitive and open CRM platform gives customers a better Global, Mobile and Social CRM solution.  They are so concerned that they are unable to compete with Sugar’s flexibility or price that they resort to publishing a list of “considerations” for prospects who are evaluating SugarCRM. A list of considerations that is nothing more than a smokescreen of “FUD”: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Thank you  We are grateful that you are confirming that SugarCRM is the best alternative to for customers who are looking for a cost effective, flexible, intuitive and truly open solution.  A solution that raises the bar and sets a new standard in mobile CRM and a Social CRM solution where companies get to collaborate with their customers, not provide behind the firewall chatter.

Or in the words of a customer: “ has really evolved.  They offer all the warmth of Oracle and the flexibility of SAP.  Which is why we choose SugarCRM, a flexible, intuitive and open solution that adapts to our business needs.”

So if you are in the market for a new CRM solution and you would like to consider all the facts when choosing the right CRM solution for your organization, please read this overview of SugarCRM.  We’ve included an answer to all the “considerations” recommends you ask us.  And as a bonus, we added a list of legitimate questions you should ask

4 thoughts on “The Facts About (part 1)

  1. There’s a difference in business competition between trying to cast your product in the best possible light, and treating the potential customer as though he knows nothing, won’t do his own research and believes anything you tell him blindly. I’ve seen the SFDC FUD list and I was surprised at how fleeting its association with the truth was. In fact, I wrote about it here:’t-believe-in-crm/
    because I truly believe that CRM vendors need to embody the customer relationship concepts they’re selling. Part of that is respect for the customer, and part of respect is being honest in your statements to them, even when you’re trying to get them to sign a contract.
    Before you think I’m biased in this, be aware that I’ve criticized SugarCRM for (now-discontinued) silly antics in the past, like mock-protesting at Dreamforce (I’d give a link, but is now so messed up nothing’s really available). CRM vendors need to realize that customer relationships begin before any money changes hands, and acting immature or disrespectful is no way to start that relationship.

  2. This sounds very similar to an article from a Microsoft exec.
    Salesforce bashes Microsoft and Sugar, Microsoft bashes Salesforce and Sugar, Sugar bashes Salesforce and Microsoft. Don’t make it into some stupid FUD situation. It’s competition. Stop complaining. Salesforce set the standard in CRM, which is why they are the biggest company doing it. They must be doing something right to be near $2B in revenue.

    1. Anon,

      As you said, it’s a competition and I’m not complaining. We compete and win against every day. You can learn a lot from a company in the way they compete and the tactics they use. If chooses to misrepresent its competitors and tell untruths about them, that is obviously their right to do. As it is my duty to inform our customers of the tactics used and provide an answer to the “considerations” recommends customers to ask Sugar.

      And thank you for linking to the blog from the Microsoft executive. This underscores the case I make in my blog post and is further proof of the sales tactics used. Chris Bucholtz also commented on the way companies compete in his recent blogpost.

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