A Message from Our Founder: Reflecting on 20 Years of SugarCRM


20 years? Has it really been that long? While that may sound like a long time, the years have seemed to have just flown by. When I started SugarCRM 20 years ago with Jacob and John, I could only dream of what the idea could become. Now, I can only look back with love and pride for the organization SugarCRM has grown into. And as we reflect and celebrate our 20th anniversary on June 1st, I wanted to do a quick post to walk down memory lane.

I think the part that warms my heart the most is the people that I’ve met along the way, from colleagues to customers to partners to influencers. Our journey has been filled with incredible individuals who have each played a vital role in shaping SugarCRM into the company it is today. The relationships and connections we’ve built are the true essence of our success. 


Looking back on Sugar’s early years, I am particularly proud of all the jobs we have been able to create. From launching careers to putting food on the table, SugarCRM has been a meaningful part of so many people’s lives and livelihoods. Each position we’ve created represents an opportunity for growth, innovation, and the chance to make a difference. Seeing our employees flourish and knowing that we’ve contributed to their professional and personal lives is a source of immense pride for me. 

Being a fourth-generation California entrepreneur, I grew up in a house that valued hard work and building companies. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in my family, and it’s been a privilege to contribute to the vibrant business landscape of our state. Building SugarCRM here in California has not only been about business success but also about fostering community and continuing a legacy of innovation and perseverance. 


As I sit here and reflect on the pivotal points in Sugar’s history, I also want to touch on how much I’ve appreciated the impact we’ve had on advancing the CRM industry. When we started Sugar, not many companies had a CRM system, especially small companies that operated just off of spreadsheets and email. We changed that. With open source, we brought innovative and easy-to-use CRM solutions to companies of all sizes. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear from so many people over the years how we were the first CRM they ever used. Our commitment to accessibility and innovation has truly transformed the way businesses manage their customer relationships. 

*SugarCRM’s website back in 2004

As we look forward to the coming years, especially with our newest sales-i acquisition, I can only say that there are a million exciting things on the horizon, not only for Sugar as a company but for the community we’ve built and continue to build. 


As we celebrate this milestone, I am filled with gratitude for everyone who has been a part of our journey. Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your belief in SugarCRM. Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond as we continue to innovate, grow, and positively impact the world together. 

Warm regards, 

Clint Oram
Chief Strategy Officer, SugarCRM 

Clint Oram
Clint Oram Clint helped found SugarCRM in 2004 with the goal of enabling companies around the world to turn their customers into loyal fans. Today, he leads strategy and acquisitions for the company. Clint was one of the original architects and developers of the Sugar application and has focused on building out the product, company, partners and community in a variety of executive roles. Prior to co-founding SugarCRM, Clint held senior roles in the development, professional services and product management organizations at Epiphany, Octane Software and Hewlett Packard. He has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry and over 15 years designing and building award-winning CRM software solutions. Clint holds a BS in computer science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is the co-author of multiple CRM software patents. Clint enjoys traveling and speaking at conferences on a variety of customer experience and entrepreneurship topics, and has visited SugarCRM customers and partners in over 25 countries.

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