Create High-Quality Landing Pages and Forms

With Sugar Market, it’s easy to create professional landing pages and responsive web forms. Our campaign creator tools let you create pages, customize form fields, and track engagement. Get your campaigns up and running easily with premade template designs and drag-and-drop functionality—or code your own high-converting landing pages and forms.

With Sugar Market’s native integrations with industry-leading CRMs, you can blend sales and marketing activities by automatically tracking actions in your CRM. Drive alignment and see more of your marketing-sourced leads turn into revenue with a bidirectional sync between your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Create Landing Pages

Our intuitive, drag-and-drop landing page builder lets you create high-quality, powerful landing pages in minutes.

Build Better Forms

Simple, powerful web forms ensure you’ll capture all the right customer data for targeted marketing and email campaigns.

Sync with CRM

With native CRM integration, your marketing campaign data is available directly within your CRM for Sales.

What can you do with Sugar Market’s landing pages and forms?

Create Landing Pages that Convert

Sugar Market’s Landing Page Builder is the most intuitive page builder offered in a marketing automation platform. Use the interactive drag-and-drop tool to create conversion-focused pages and run A/B tests—no coding expertise needed. Design fully-functional and visually appealing landing pages that follow best practices and include a web conversion forms, all in less than two minutes.

Build Forms that Sync with Your CRM

The Sugar Market Form Builder empowers you to create simple, powerful online forms—whether they’re utilized in Sugar Market landing pages, your CMS, or elsewhere. No matter where you choose to embed forms, they automatically sync with your CRM to route leads, launch campaigns, build reports, and stay ahead of changes. Easily add and remove form fields and select GDPR-compliant options.

Ready to get started with Landing Pages and Forms?

Build your best campaigns yet with Sugar’s intuitive builders and industry-leading integrations.