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2021 CRM and Sales Impact Report

Insights from 1,000 sales professionals on what’s driving (or stalling) revenue and customer engagement

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The State of CRM

CRM is big business

The US $35 billion CRM market provides the foundational technology for customer engagement.

CRMs are failing sales teams, customers, and prospects, with nearly half (49%) of Australian sales leaders reporting that their CRM platform is costing potential revenue opportunities.

Half of Australian sales professionals surveyed (50%) said they cannot access customer data across marketing, sales, and service systems.


Nearly one-third say their customer data is incomplete, out of date, or inaccurate.

Cost of the Status Quo

With sales teams under more pressure to deliver than ever before, the quality of support sales teams get from CRM vendors is crucial.

Unfortunately, 58% of respondents cite inadequate training and help, or sufficient skills to customise their CRM.


Half of Australian respondents (50%) say that the administrative burdens of their CRM causes friction for their sales team.

The average sales rep in Australia only spends 53% of their time actually selling.

Digital transformation, heightened competition, and customer expectations present you with a critical choice:

Fix your CRM deficiencies or risk losing market share.

Churn Rates

Without access to the right data, companies can’t keep customers happy or calibrate the customer experience to minimise churn.

52% of Australian respondents said their customer churn has increased in the last 12 months.

Churn is costing
mid-market companies
$5.5 million each year.

of respondents say they have trouble predicting when customers will churn.

Even in hindsight, nearly half (48%) of Australian sales professionals reported not knowing why customers churned.

EYE Towards AI

AI is poised to move well beyond the chat bot.

The lack of a high-definition customer view may be why most respondents (98%) said they expect to increase their use of artificial intelligence (AI) to augment more of their existing CRM processes within the next 24 months.

Companies that significantly improve the accuracy and completeness of their customer data stand to gain better business outcomes.

Download the complete report for all the facts and figures based on our global survey of 1,000 sales professionals, plus a country comparison chart for the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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