Imagine for a moment that your company suddenly starts to hit some unprecedented KPIs. After years of steadily increasing your customer base, there’s an explosion of new contracts and channel partners. Those big audacious goals that once seemed far away are firmly in your grasp.

It’s an ideal scenario, but doesn’t come without complications. How do you get a 360-degree view of your customers in the midst of all that growth? Will it be possible to protect your exceptionally high 99.85% customer retention rate? And how can you continue to support the channel partners who are so central to your business model?

It wasn’t long ago that Star2Star Communications faced this exact situation.

Business Challenges
  • Discover what kinds of interactions and experiences customers were having
  • Improve order processing speed
  • Close deals faster
  • Create differentiation against the competition
  • Detailed KPIs around order management allow executives to watch as new orders progress toward actual installations, when monthly recurring revenues are locked in.
  • A robust partner hub gives Star2Star’s 750+ channel partners full visibility into each location they serve.
  • A steady flow of support analytics gives product development unprecedented insight into which features and functions to prioritize.

A Bump in the Road…but Not for Long

When president and chief revenue officer Michelle Accardi first got word that her team would be using Sugar to manage the customer experience, it wasn’t the most thrilling news she’d ever received.

“The decision had already been made for Sugar,” Accardi explains. “I was not part of that process. Truth be told, I was a Salesforce zealot.”

After all, Accardi had once driven the biggest-ever deal for the popular CRM vendor. So starting fresh with a different kind of customer experience solution was going to be uncharted territory. Still, the move made sense. Star2Star was about to embark on massive waves of expansion. The company was in need of a solution that could easily scale and grow—minus the added costs and forced upgrades.

Sugar fit the bill. So Accardi did what she always does: She began to move full speed ahead.

Accardi and her team created configuration after configuration—there are no limitations to the number of modules and workflows that can be created in Sugar—and actively sought out new ways the platform could be used to fuel growth.

It worked. Perhaps even better than anyone would have thought possible.

Industry Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Location Sarasota, Florida, USA