Kyloe Partners provides assistance to recruiters through Bullhorn CRM technology integrations and consulting services. Kyloe was founded in 2015, 5 years after Raymond Pennie, Co-Founder and Director of Kyloe, and Stewart Morgan, Co-Founder of Bullhorn, struck up a train-ride conversation about helping Bullhorn CRM users get the best technology in a quickly evolving industry. The UK-based company has grown significantly, now boasting a global presence, an expanding client base and an impressive tech development and implementation portfolio.


Kyloe was searching for a user-friendly, CRM-integrated solution that eliminated meticulous tasks, sped up the process of finding and engaging contacts, allowed them to easily build emails and landing pages and streamlined the communication between Sales and Marketing. As Bullhorn’s global integration partner, Kyloe understood the importance of alignment between technologies and knew that their current solution, Act-On, was holding them back. Kyloe was not actively searching for a new partner. In fact, they were considering writing a custom integration of their own for Bullhorn until Pennie was coincidentally introduced to Sugar Market.


Kyloe and Sugar Market, both key partners of Bullhorn, attended Bullhorn’s annual event, Engage. After a single live demo, Pennie was immediately impressed with Sugar Market’s intuitive platform and powerful integration capabilities. Today, Kyloe is a Sugar Market super-user! Marketing Manager, Kirsten Moorman, is a seasoned marketing automation expert, having worked with a handful of platforms including Marketo, Hubspot and Act-On.

Moorman uses the Events integration with GoToWebinar to run a robust webinar program that’s accumulated a large following. The ability to create professional landing pages and emails quickly based on templates has cut 60% of her workload and doubled the volume of marketing communications she’s able to deploy. She was even surprised to discover how simple it was to create sophisticated nurture campaigns with Sugar Market. Most importantly, however, Sugar Market met the all-or-nothing demand for a seamless CRM integration with Bullhorn with no need for a custom integration or workarounds.

Industry Business Services and Consulting
Location Kirkwall, Scotland