Interested in how one distribution and fabrication company drove up CRM utilization from 30% to 95%? Curious about harnessing AI-driven sales insights and maximizing CRM value? Looking to understand how fellow customers have set up SugarCRM to make the hard things easier and let the platform do the work for them? Find your answers in this exclusive 35-minute interview where Aadil Ahmed, the dedicated CRM and Marketing Automation Manager, unveils the secrets behind EIS Inc.’s impressive success since transitioning to SugarCRM from Salesforce. Deep dive into EIS Inc.’s transformative journey of how they streamlined their ERP landscape, developed a CRM discipline for increased user adoption, and enhanced operational efficiency with the integration of sales-i. This is no mere customer interview–it’s a masterclass in CRM excellence. Tune in to uncover invaluable strategies, firsthand experiences, and actionable insights from a Sugar customer who’s been there, done that.

Industry Distribution
Location Atlanta, GA