CRM Time-to-Value: Achieving Early Success With Your CRM Deployment

One of the reasons companies delay implementing a CRM is the fear of long, unsuccessful deployments. In this white paper, we share some of the best practices for avoiding this and ensuring that you see early success with your CRM deployments. This white paper is an wonderful resource for anybody considering a CRM implementation.

You’re considering a customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business. But you have reservations. Do you really need a CRM system? Will it take forever to install? Will anybody use it once you do? Will it work? How will your employees react to the changes to your business CRM inevitably requires? You also wonder whether it will be worth the cost. And how success will be measured?

In this white paper, Chris Bucholtz, editor-in-chief of CRM Outsiders and a long-time journalist, blogger and CRM industry influencer, answers these and other questions you may have and gives you a roadmap to getting and celebrating early successes with your CRM deployment.

This white paper is a must read for any executive considering a CRM solution.

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