Putting the "i" in CRM

Connect with your customers with CRM built for the individual.

Today’s customers simply have more: more choices when buying; and more channels to leverage to educate themselves in the purchase cycle. But there is also more “noise” than helping hands for buyers out there across social and web channels.

So, how are consumers cutting through the noise and making decisions? Buyers in both B2B and B2C scenarios are making increasingly personal decisions. Customers are seeking true conversations and connections to brands and companies – showing extreme loyalty when they find “a company like me.”

In this webinar:

  • We will review some examples of how companies have seen success connecting with their customers in innovative ways.
  • We will provide you with the needed steps to allow your customer experts to offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

Your webinar hosts:

Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, and Martin Schneider, SugarCRM Head of Product Evangelism.

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