Maintaining and building customer business with technology

A webinar series from Longbow Consulting Group on how to maintain and build your customer business with a powerful unified solution that includes:

  • World leading SugarCRM software.
  • World class Sales-i customer intelligence
  • Powerful Inbox25: Integrated email marketing and marketing automation software.

Neil Saviano of Longbow Consulting Group and James Ferguson of sales-i lead this 45-minute webinar. You will see how the combination of world class CRM, high level customer intelligence and powerful marketing automation software gives you:

  • The capability of monitoring customer buying patterns at every level and taking action on it in the customer sales process with SugarCRM.
  • The capability of creating campaigns from sales-i intelligence and automatically converting them into email marketing campaigns as well as automated campaigns through SugarCRM and Inbox25.
  • The capability of sales people to work with post campaign analytics in SugarCRM to drive follow up processes to help maximize customer penetration and retention and help reverse any negative buying trends.

Core strategic areas and products presented, Current customer penetration and retention, SugarCRM/sales-i/Inbox25:

Target markets:

  • Office Products Resellers *
  • Janitorial/Sanitation
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Building Products
  • Construction Supplies
  • Building Supplies
  • (Any other product distribution markets)

Speaker: Neil Saviano of CRM Intl and James Ferguson of Sales-i

Date/Time: 29th Jan 2014. 11am PST