SugarCRM Training for Sales


This online class is designed for anyone in a sales role and covers the entire sales process from start to finish. In addition to learning how to use the essential features of SugarCRM as a sales end user and track a sale from lead to won opportunity in SugarCRM, you will also learn how to set up your dashboard, create custom reports, and use mail merge and email templates to easily stay in touch with your contacts.
In addition to the PowerPoint slides and hands-on labs completed in the class, you will also receive the complete Kindle version of our Getting Started with SugarCRM guide.

2 sessions of 4 hours each, on consecutive days
Type: online
Sugar Community Edition
Sugar Ultimate
Sugar Enterprise
Sugar Corporate
Sugar Professional

- Navigating the SugarCRM workspace
- Quotes & Products
- Setting Up a Dashboard
- Forecasting
- Searching
- Creating Reports
- Sales Workflow
- Mail Merge
- Leads
- Outlook Integration & Mobile Access
- Accounts & Contacts
- Email Templates
- Opportunities
- Documents & Attachments

Location: online

Registration Details

Monday, September 8, 2014 - 9:00am (GMT-6:00 Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City)