5 Ways to boost CRM adoption by your Sales staff


Sales managers usually have no problem grasping the value of CRM—it presents sales data in an easily-digested format that allows them to adjust programs, processes and people to optimise selling. Simple. Salespeople however, often view CRM as a hindrance and a way for the sales manager to shift his or her work on to them.

In reality, CRM is as helpful to sales staffers as it is to managers, if used right. But for that to happen, sales staff need to buy into it, and that often means that sales managers need to sell it to them. That needn’t be a struggle, so long as you pitch it right, and outline the benefits for everyone.

In this whitepaper you will learn more about:

  • How to to sell the sales staff on CRM
  • How CRM helps everyone to work together
  • How CRM will help them your sales team to save time, increase commissions and sell

…and much more about user adoption!


The author, Chris Buchholz, is Editor-in-Chief of CRM Outsiders. Chris is a long-time journalist, blogger and CRM industry influencer.


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