Case Study: USAFact

When it comes to CRM customizations, you can accomplish a lot with unlimited funds. The beauty of SugarCRM is that you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want.

Matthew Taylor, President & COO, USAFact

SugarCRM salesforce automation helps USAFact increase revenue by 20%

USAFact worked with its gold-level SugarCRM partner Epicom to expand its Sugar solution and strengthen the company

Business Challenges

USAFact is an Internet based pre-employment screening company that has been in business for over thirty-three years. It represents an array of clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations and processes thousands of reports daily. In early 2010, USAFact experienced executive management changes with the addition of a new CEO, Matt Davidson and President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Taylor. Once Davidson and Taylor were on board with USAFact, they realized its SugarCRM solution was not being managed properly to support its sales and operations groups. As a result, there was low user adoption, its sales team did not have a quote structure in place, managers were unable to track accountability, activities or profit, and opportunities were falling through the cracks.


Davidson and Taylor arrived at USAFact with extensive backgrounds in working successfully with SugarCRM and its gold-level solutions partner, Epicom. Having previously evaluated other CRM solutions against Sugar for various work environments, Davidson knew that with a slight reconfiguration of its Sugar instance, USAFact would benefit greatly from Sugar’s flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease of integration. As a result, USAFact prioritized its requirements to reconfigure its Sugar instance into a performance- based sales platform that could streamline the company’s operations and drive growth.

Immediate requirements included customizations to track on a monthly recurring revenue basis and modifications to its quotes module to support standardized product offerings. “From my past experience with Sugar, I knew there was a never-ending amount of potential in the product, in the Sugar community, and especially with its solution partners like Epicom.” He continues, “I’ve never run into a situation with Sugar and Epicom where I was told, ‘We can’t do that.’ The capabilities are endless.” And with Sugar Mobile capabilities for the iPhone, USAFact would now be able to streamline its sales process even further with immediate field access for it agents.

Taylor adds, "When it comes to CRM customizations, you can accomplish a lot with unlimited funds. The beauty of SugarCRM is that you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want."

This had led to a 15 percent increase in contract values.


USAFact worked its gold-level SugarCRM partner Epicom to expand its Sugar solution and strengthen the company. The initial changes were sales driven, with functionalities for its operations team included shortly thereafter. As a result, USAFact has gained opportunities and improved its quotes modules, web-to-leads processes and reporting capabilities.

Within less than 12 months of reconfiguring its Sugar Professional solution, USAFact has significantly streamlined its quotes module and reduced sales cycles from 3-6 months to within the same week of an inbound call. With automated quote generation and standardized volume pricing, an offer that would previously take three people to complete in thirty minutes has been reduced to the work of just one person in less than five minutes. And, while a USAFact salesperson is in the process of creating a quote, its automated system can indicate possible product upgrades to encourage a deeper level of customer engagement and higher-level purchases. This had led to a 20 percent increase in revenue and a 15 percent increase in contract values. Davidson states, “Our quote customizations have taken our customer interaction to a new level.” He continues, “It allows us to focus on the customer and provide them with many options for cost effective solutions that grow our business.”

In addition, several other Sugar functionalities including a web-to-lead module and Sugar Mobile have contributed to overall efficiency at USAFact. Its web-to- lead module directly imports web leads into the appropriate daily and weekly reports so sales agents and managers can seamlessly follow-up and develop opportunities. And, with Sugar’s mobile platform on the iPhone, USAFact’s agents in the field have immediate access to its updated database of sales information. Davidson and his team can now quickly tap into Sugar and access accurate information, from the field, to work directly with the product teams and complete orders. Since pricing updates are standardized across the system, there is no need for management involvement. “Sugar’s iPhone app looks great and has streamlined the sales process for our field team,” says Davidson. “Now that I’m using Sugar Mobile, I can’t ever go back.” As a result, current company growth has been driven by actual revenue increases that were previously elusive. USAFact has also expanded Sugar Mobile to its operations team to facilitate management and communication throughout the company.


Sugar’s iPhone app looks great and has streamlined the sales process for our field team.

Matthew Taylor, President & COO, USAFact


USAFact has benefited from the advanced reporting capabilities in Sugar Professional. Its ability to report on its business has improved management and accountability, resulting in more focus and transparency across the company. Executive management is now able to use the same four or five key reports to generate dynamic, individualized end-user reports. These are automatically updated as each team member inputs daily activities and information, reducing the need to manually prepare reports or sort through data. Managers are now able to hold each other responsible without gaps in accountability or progress across multiple departments. And, USAFact’s enhanced culture supports managers being empowered through the transparency SugarCRM creates.

Davidson explains, “Our highest sales number came in the fourth quarter in 2010, once all team members were in place and working in synergy within the application.” He continues, “This success wasn’t really a surprise, based on my background and experience with SugarCRM.” In months when the industry would typically experience its worst operational costs, USAFact is now seeing its best overall performance. With one centralized solution for sales, product and individual case management, USAFact has streamlined its operations and sales processes, and saved on both time and efficiency. “We use Sugar for everything, from IT bug tracking to case management, sales management and reporting” Taylor explains. “It’s the core of everything we do here.”

Company Profile

Headquarters: Riverside, CA

Founded: 1977

Company Description: USAFact offers comprehensive HR hiring solutions with Human Resource Information Systems and Applicant Tracking System integration and consulting. Core areas of value include preemployment background checks, drug screening services, Human Resource System selection and implementation services, and integration solutions for all forms of Human Resource systems.

Solution: Sugar Professional

Solution Partner: Epicom

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