Case Study: Loomis

Our switch to SugarCRM means that we are now even better equipped to deliver excellence in customer service.

Donal Keane, UK Marketing Manager, Loomis UK

SugarCRM support solution saves Loomis 25% on the bottom line

The supplier of secure transport services has improved the bottom line of its English subsidiary by switching to SugarCRM with the help of Sugar partner Redpill Linpro.

Business Challenges

Loomis transports valuables in armored vehicles equipped with modern surveillance systems for its customers in Europe and the US. The company’s roots trace back to 1852, when the gold rush was at its peak in California–a time when customers also required secure transport of their valuables.

Today, Loomis provides customers with cash transport and other cash management services, with sales in excess of MSEK 11,000 (roughly $1.6 billion). Credibility and close customer contact are all-important to success in the market for secure transport. Therefore, Loomis UK has used conventional CRM systems for many years. However, in spring 2009, the company decided that it was time to find a new CRM system.

“Loomis needed a flexible CRM system that does not cost a fortune to develop. Historically, we had used another online CRM system, but everyone found it inflexible and cost prohibitive when development was required,” says Donal Keane, UK Marketing Manager, Loomis UK.

The solution also needed to be tailormade for Loomis and ensure close and professional customer contact, which is all important in the market for secure transport. Management desired a tool that could secure a better overview of the sales activities. And the sales team needed better knowledge sharing in order to reduce wasted time in their day-to-day work.

It has saved us 25 percent on the bottom line.

After thorough research, Loomis UK selected SugarCRM and Redpill Linpro as its implementation consultants. “Today, our management team can closely monitor developments in sales and marketing and compile core knowledge for analysis at management level,” says Keane. “The sales consultants share knowledge to a much greater degree and have a better overview of sales activities. All in all, it has been a great success and has saved us 25 percent on the bottom line in just 3 months."

Training in Clear Language

It was important for Loomis UK that the CRM system be widely adopted by all users. Loomis UK commenced their use of SugarCRM in April 2009 and prior to this implementation, Redpill Linpro’s Danish division conducted an intensive two-day training program for the management and sales team.

“In just two days, Redpill Linpro trained our UK sales team and management group. The company’s consultants were extremely adept in understanding our varying training needs and explained SugarCRM’s many possibilities simply and in a language we all understood, rather than technical jargon. Because of this refreshing approach, we all received a comprehensive hands-on introduction to the system and an immediate overview of our customers, projects and sales activities,” says Keane. “Redpill Linpro were extremely professional and met every deadline throughout the migration and implementation processes. Of course, most importantly, Redpill Linpro have provided Loomis UK with a CRM system that is not only extremely easy to work with on a day-to-day basis but, also inexpensive to develop in the future. For Loomis UK, it’s a solution which delivers today and tomorrow.”

Satisfied and Secure Customers

Loomis UK customers are found in the banking world, retail sector and other commercial sectors. Because Loomis UK typically handles cash and other extremely valuable items, customers’ trust is all-important to the company’s existence.

“At Loomis UK, our relationships with customers are naturally quite sensitive and we must work diligently to create and maintain close, personal relationships. Our switch to SugarCRM means that we are now even better equipped to deliver excellence in customer service while ensuring that our teams stay fully up-to-date on individual customers’ situations and customize offers and services to those specific needs. We can already see that SugarCRM strengthens our customer relationships, resulting in even more satisfied and secure customers,” says Keane.

According to Redpill Linpro, in addition to significant savings, customers like Loomis UK achieve vastly improved customer service when they replace their old CRM system with SugarCRM. “SugarCRM’s campaign module is an effective tool to reach the right customers with the correct and tailored information,” says Kristian af Sandeberg, Product Manager for SugarCRM at Redpill Linpro. He adds, “In addition, SugarCRM has a very strong workflow function that automates the company’s processes. Many of our customers find this function valuable to their business; that external enquiries are channeled directly to the right employee instead of a central post-box. The tool also ensures that regular follow-up on customers takes place.”


Company Profile

Headquarters: Nottingham, England

Founded: 1852

Company Description: Provider of end-toend cash management solutions


Solution: Sugar Professional

Solution Partner: Redpill Linpro

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