CRM for Real Estate

Maximize The Value Of Referrals

All sales professionals love referrals. But no industry relies on them quite like real estate.  Home buyers are most likely to find their real estate agent through a referral. And, when they do, 70 percent contact only one agent during the buying process. That number jumps to 85 percent when they work with an agent they’ve used previously.


For real estate firms and their brokers, managing leads and keeping track of buyers and sellers cannot be left to chance. Starting with a central database for all customer related data including documents and easily customizable workflow, SugarCRM delivers visibility and control throughout the buying and selling process. And email marketing has never been simpler. Create targeted lists from contacts, schedule and automate campaigns, and monitor campaign ROI click by click.

Customer Success Stories

Sugar has had a major positive impact on our business. It helped us increase sales by 50 percent and improve customer service dramatically.
Sugar Professional did what we required and so much more. We knew we would be able to take our business to the next level with SugarCRM and iZeno.


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