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For today’s manufacturing business, products don’t provide as much differentiation as they used to, price cutting doesn’t create a sustainable advantage, and many companies have reached parity in terms of lowering operating costs. To differentiate your manufacturing business and increase revenues, you need to use sales channels to meet customers where and how they want to do business.

And that’s exactly what you can do with SugarCRM. Online meeting? No problem. Our integration with IBM LotusLive makes online meetings easy and productive. Face-to-face meeting. Done. With sales reps who will arrive completely prepared with a full understanding of the company. Service a reseller on the go? Simple. Our mobile capabilities keep you in touch anytime, anywhere.

Customer Success Stories

“Prior to Sugar, issue resolution could take hours or days. With Sugar…we can analyze the issue, have one phone call, and put it to bed.”
We are confident in the fact that Sugar is future proof – and will integrate with our updated ERP system as seamlessly as it did with our present...
In six months,our company went from having no CRM to possessing a system that had been deployed and integrated by all our offices.


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