Empower your business to use the social web to listen and learn about customers to build meaningful, deep, and relevant business connections across multiple social networks.

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About Viralheat

Viralheat is a social monitoring and management platform that empowers enterprise businesses to listen and learn about customers in order to build meaningful, deep, and relevant business connections across multiple social networks. Developed to provide a comprehensive and unified set of social marketing and management capabilities, Viralheat is the only software platform an enterprise needs to monitor, create, publish, or analyze its social activities. Founded and developed by two Silicon Valley engineers with deep experience in the security and network industry, Viralheat offers the most powerful technology available in the social industry while providing the compliance and scalability to drive successful business results across marketing, sales, support or any functional organizations.

Viralheat for Sugar

There is a gold mine of social data that businesses are just now starting to identify and use effectively to interact with their customers across marketing, sales, and support conversations. Viralheat integrates with SugarCRM’s solution, Sugar 7, by leveraging social data and adding the power of predictive analytics to identify leads or support issues, deliver the information to the appropriate user, and ultimately providing the opportunity to increase sales and engagement.

The integration allows businesses to securely connect their SugarCRM accounts, create and manage leads, as well as, generate activity records to track the lead through the sales process. The integration includes the ability to identify and export potential leads, assign a priority level or the appropriate sales or customer service resource.

Why Viralheat?

Viralheat’s integration with the Sugar 7 platform, allows every customer-facing professional across the enterprise to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects and customers needs while providing and delivering a superior experience by leverage the power of social media.