Quickbooks for SugarCRM by Faye Business Systems Group

Help close the back office loop by giving sales and customer service insight into the customer billing and payments information, directly from Sugar.

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About Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software that combines a variety of accounting processes into one user-friendly system. The software's primary function is to alleviate the use of multiple tables, spreadsheets, and tracking sheets necessary to document and maintain accounting tasks at a company. Accounting figures are also easily reconciled for tax purposes with Quickbooks. The software was developed by Intuit and can be customized based on the needs of the business utilizing the software.

About Faye Business Systems Group

Faye Business Systems Group ( FayeBSG ) is an award winning Southern California-based technology consulting firm and Software Company with over 25 years of experience helping growing companies become more profitable by working with them to optimize their financial and business systems. FayeBSG uses SugarCRM, Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90), QuickBooks, and a variety of custom software solutions to meet client needs. Services include software development, project management, packaged software implementations, custom software implementations, integration, consulting, training, and support. Faye Business Systems Group has completed hundreds of successful CRM projects, specializes in Sugar Integration, and is one of SugarCRM's leading North American Platinum Partners.

FayeBSG SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration Application

Key Benefits

  • Two way sync of customers, inventory, invoice history, and sales orders, between Sugar and QuickBooks
  • Enter quotes & sales orders into Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Post invoices in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar (with line items)
  • Add new accounts in Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Update customer addresses in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar
  • Be able to see inventory items, standard prices and costs, and quantity on hand in Sugar
  • Syncing can occur on a scheduler and defaults to every 10 minutes
  • Custom mapping of custom fields
  • Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise
  • Works with Sugar hosted in the cloud or Sugar on an in-house server
  • Easy to install, easy to use

Why Quickbooks and Faye Business Systems Group

We develop innovative and expandable custom business software that is tailored to our clients’ unique business processes. We develop long-term relationships, and believe the key to our success, is the success of our clients. We partner with industry innovators, to provide off-the-shelf and customized software solutions, that work for you, not the other way around.