Process Manager Enterprise

Powerful workflow for SugarCRM that will enable you to close more business by easily streamlining and automating recurring and daily tasks.

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About SierraCRM

SierraCRM, Inc., helps companies close more business and improve sales and support activities by managing the day to day operations of SugarCRM through a powerful yet easy to use workflow module, Process Manager Enterprise 2.0.

Process Manager Enterprise 2.0 for SugarCRM

Automate the management of Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Process Manager Enterprise 2.0 compliments SugarCRM’s powerful features by allowing users to set up simple to complex business processes that match their best business practices. They can build processes based on the creation or modification of any SugarCRM record. Customers can build processes that run at specific times throughout the year, query SugarCRM for any data, and run a specific workflow task such as send an email, schedule a call, create a task, run custom scripts, modify fields or even create new SugarCRM objects.

Core to the new version of Process Manager Enterprise 2.0 is the all-new drag and drop wizard-like process builder. This simple, easy to use interface enables all users to create their own processes tailored to their unique way of providing outstanding sales and service to their customers. The ability to view the entire workflow including the ‘process, process stages and process tasks’ in a single browser page enables the user to quickly edit a complex business process.

Why Process Manager?

Complementing SugarCRM’s built-in workflow, Process Manager Enterprise 2.0 will enable your company to turn your interactions into profits by:

  • Engage your entire company in the sales and support of your customers.
  • Lower customer acquisition time.
  • Increase marketing ROI.
  • Maintain a consistent customer experience.
  • Improve allocation of Sales and Support Resources.