Occam DM LTD

We help the organizations we work with to communicate better with their customers. We do this by providing data-based marketing solutions that enable you to gain a greater understanding of who your customers are, providing the tools to increase customer value and strengthen brand engagement.

Occam technology includes engagement services for customer insights and an engagement platform to store and manage your information to best serve your business automation. Specialties Our team of experts are committed to:

  • Efficiency. More done with less, creating cost savings or increased activity
  • Increased income through a better return on spend
  • Cost savings through lower cost communications
  • Added value benefits such as non-monetised brand enhancement

Being acquired by St Ives plc in June 2010 opened up new opportunities for growth, development and a compelling offering of services. St Ives is a unique group of market-leading companies that come together to create the most comprehensive and diverse range of marketing services and print solutions available in the UK.

quipped with a wealth of experience in the retail, publishing and commercial markets, the Group employs the most innovative thinking and technology to deliver a wide range of high quality products and services.

It enables us to provide end-to-end communications solutions in consultancy, data management, campaign management, media production, fulfillment and field marketing.