InsightfulCRM Pty. Ltd.

InsightfulCRM is a consulting and system integration firm, with clients across Australia and New Zealand. We help organisations better engage with current and future customers by developing customer-centric strategies, which we bring into being through innovative use of technology.  Social media and mobile internet is rapidly changing the future of commerce, and people are engaging with brands in more ways than ever before.  Our team is constantly researching the latest in CRM trends and technology; staying ahead of the curve, so you can benefit from the latest thinking.  We are part of a great network of international CRM leaders, so our clients can tap into global trends and issues as they emerge. As the biggest and longest serving SugarCRM partner in Asia-Pacific, we bring an unrivalled level of experience to our customers.  We serve on the global advisory board of SugarCRM, and regularly consult with their product managers about the direction of CRM internationally, and the trends we experience in this region.

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